Kenting itself is really cool. There are so many small places you could eat at, so of course our evening was basically all about eating. Since there was a typhoon, we really couldn´t go to the beach and see how warm the ocean is etc. That was a bit sad, because I really wanted to go to the ocean and see whether the ocean is sky blue and beautiful.

The hotel was really nice and beautiful, but it is really out of Kenting. First of all, we had to take a train to Kenting and there was a hotel bus that took us to the hotel. We had to drive for about half an hour. Luckily the hotel bus took us to Kenting as well, when we wanted, so that was cool.

When I´d go to Kenting, I´d take a hotel in Kenting, not farer, we had three choices: one was H Resort ****, Howard Beach Resort Kenting ***** (we didn´t take it because we didn´t like the rooms, they looked a bit dated) and Caesar Park Hotel Kenting ***** (we didn´t take that one, because we were scared that may-be there are too many mosquitos, we were planning to take the room with the yard, but someone told that the yard is full of mosquitos and it wasn´t nice). Honestly, we were so stupid not to take Caesar Park Hotel Kenting *****, the situation with the bugs and mosquitos wasn´t as terrifying as we were first told. Besides the hotel is in a really great location and right next to the beach. We are so stupid, stupid, stupid that we didn´t book that hotel!!!

 We chose H Resort ****

TIP! In Taiwan there aren´t any trashcans around. Why? Because when you leave something eatable on the ground or in a trash, immediately all kinds of bugs and roaches come to eat it. There´s like a new life arising. And the roaches were supposed to be really big and even with wings!!! I luckily didn´t see anything like that, but we were told the previous, we were also told that we should carry small bags around, so when we´d need, we could put our trash into those bags. Don´t leave trash on the streets or sth like that!

 TIP! To enrich the previous tip, when you go to Taiwan, you have to know that there are these weird bugs that fly around. When they are sitting on your skin and you try to fight it off like you do with flies and mosquitos – by slapping at them – their blood and the ingestion make a huge red spot on your skin and it hurts really bad. One morning I read an article and a warning about them and there was this guy who said that the feeling when you have killed one on your skin is like someone is cutting your burning skin and that someone is doing it really, really slowly and painfully. Luckily I had read that article, because the same day we went by the pool at the hotel and the same bug came onto my leg. As erudite I was that day, I knew that I wasn´t supposed to slap it, but gently blow it away. And, not to take any risks, I killed it with my slipper. This isn´t it, in a second there came this huge flock of ants who ate the bug in 20 seconds. After that they totally disappeared. How interesting is that? 😉

 TIP! It´s a tip about Taipei actually. Did you know that you can only take a bus or a taxi from the airport to the city!!! No metro, no trains etc. Be wise!