As you already know, we always take a vacation in the summer. Usually we travel by car and usually the vacation lasts for a month or so. This year, we decided to take aim to Athens and Greece.

Our full route was home – Warsawa – Kosice – Egerszalók – Eger – Budapest – Belgrade – Skopje – Larissa – Athens – Meteora, Kalampaka – Tirana – Sveti Stefan – Kotor – Zadar – Salzburg – Stuttgart – Metzingen – Nürnberg – Berlin – Warsawa – home.

We only booked a hotel to Warsaw and Budapest, the rest of the hotels we were supposed to find on the road. Of course we use www.booking.com, which I think is the best site to search for hotels. Our family owns a travel agency as well, so I try to get and get some great prices by applying directly to the hotel or use systems to find great deals.

I´ll give you a little sneak peak to my last vacation.

Eurotrip of 2014

So our 1st stop was in Warsaw, Poland.

The Westin Warsaw *****

The sightseeing I know and I´ve seen I Warsawa:

Palace of Culture and Science

I´ve never been in this building, I really don´t know why, because I´ve driven through Warsaw so many times, but this is the building I always want to see, it is just so amazing and beautiful. I know that in Moscow there should be a building similar to this? Am I right?

The Palace of Culture and Science (Polish: Pałac Kultury i Nauki, also abbreviated PKiN) in Warsaw is the tallest building in Poland and the eighth tallest building in the European Union.

The building was conceived as a “gift from the Soviet people to the Polish nation”, and was completed in 1955. The structure was built in three years according to the design of the Soviet architect Lev Rudnev. Architecturally, it is a mix of Socialist realism and Polish historicism inspired by American art deco skyscrapers. Currently it is the headquarters of many companies and public institutions, such as cinemas, theatres, libraries, sports clubs, universities (including Collegium Civitas), scientific institutions and authorities of the Polish Academy of Sciences

See more from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palace_of_Culture_and_Science

Part I






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