Are you a hotelsnob?

Are you a snob?
Do you hate to pay for the hotels more than they are worth?
Are you the one who always checks the hotel from TripAdvisor and everywhere else?

Do you just hate, when you get to the room and see that, wtf, this is not what I wanted or even imagined from the pictures or the stories of the hotel that were promised by the hotels?

Well I am. I am so sick in being disappointed in some of the hotels. So this is my blog about the hotels I have visited and what I felt about them.

I travel quite a lot, well if you call a lot taking three vacations in a year. OK, OK, I know that there are a lot of these kind of people, I´m not unique in that way, but still, I´d like to think I travel much, I just love travelling, I love to arrange holidays and pick the hotels etc.

In the last years it is too difficult to find any great hotels. May-be I´m just getting too snobby? Hope not, then again, you never know… 🙂

A lot of the hotels are a bit overpriced and not really like what it is supposed to look like in the pictures provided by the hotel. Also, when you want that superluxury hotel, all the reviews say that it´s great etc, hotel webpage says it´s luxury… and then you get there and you´re like… whaaat?? It happens to me quite a bit. So may-be why I do this blog is that:

  • I could give you the information and advice, so you could make up your mind, which hotel to choose;
  • You could give me some information about the hotels I´m trying to choose;
  • And of course, to find some hidden gems, the hotels I haven´t even heard about but are just too good to be real.

I know everyone has their own opinions, so I don´t want to be hurting anyone, it is just MY and MY opinion only.

And when you see that some of the hotels have had great reviews from me, but when you look at the pictures, you don´t understand why I have that opinion. May-be in that case the people from these hotels have left a really great impression or are so studious and friendly. But of that I´m going to write to you as well. J

I´ll also make a diss list, so you could see which hotels I´d never recommend.

Happy sobbing and hope you like it!


P.S. Please forgive me my English, it is not my first language.


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