City Residence Apartment Hotel ****

Hotel City Residence Apartment Hotel ****


Reception and welcome  Reception itself was awful, the area smelled like someone was constantly smoking there. The hall looked dirty and uninviting. My mom told after entering the hotel, that OK, I don´t care what the rooms look like, we are leaving. I had to persuade her just to look at the room and to decide whether to stay or not after that. Welcome itself was very nice and friendly.
Welcome drink  Yes, read about it below.
Free upgrade  Nope, but we didn’t ask, because we had booked the best rooms anyway, so we didn´t have to ask.
Valet and parking  No valet, parking was in a parking lot outside.
Concierge  Nope, nothing.


Sparkling wine No sparkling wine, good we had one of our own.
Hot meal Yes!
In general 

For breakfast there was a choice whether to order it to the room or have next to the reception with the smell of cigarettes. We ordered to the room, because we had apartments and there were kitchens.

There was this colored menu with pictures and descriptions of each meal we could choose. Breakfast was really good, have to tell.

The room

In general  The rooms were surprisingly good. They were recently renovated I think. I only didn´t like that it was the upper floor, so the walls weren´t straight, and therefore there were skylights. We even had fireplaces in our rooms, my parents had sauna and bath, we didn’t. The rooms were very clean and very big, we had two kids with us and we couldn´t even hear them, we could just relax in the sauna.
Room type

One room was this:

The other was:

The rooms look exactly like in the pictures, it looks like I´ve made them myself… if I´d had a good camera.

Surprise in the room Yes! We had puddle of wine in the rooms, which was complimentary, also we had a plate of fruits and candies. So cool, the children were so happy. And this is not it, they also told that we have a choice of welcome drinks, I don´t remember the choices, but we took Martinis. So nice of them!
iPhone dock I don´t think there was one… Aaa, now I remember, in the bathrooms there were these radios installed, so you could listen to music. Also there was this AUX outlet, so you could easily connect your phone or player to it. My parents´ room had TV as well in the bathroom (the room with the sauna).
Blanket and the blanket case There was a blanket and a blanket case. The beds were soft. There was a couch which you could pull out to make a bed for the children, they loved it.
Carped The rooms weren´t fully carpeted, but there were carpets, it was like a home.
Amenities and bathroom The basic ones were provided.
Shower curtain? Nope, a beautiful glass wall and door.
Are the TV speakers in the bathroom too? In one room there was a TV and radio and in the other room there was a radio, both radios had AUX systems.
Bath salt and bath Nope, there was bath foam, but it´s not bath salt. There was a bath in the room with the sauna. We made a sauna evening with everyone, it was so fun.
Slippers and robe You know, I don´t remember, I do think that there weren´t any. Has anyone been there, does anyone know?
Free WI-FI Yep, free WI-FI provided!
Air conditioning Yes.

Hotel area (spa, dinner etc)

The hotel area wasn’t that flattering, but the rooms were great, the rooms had even their own halls, lots of room. A great place to stay with a family.

Location                     Since we stayed for one night, I really don´t know, but I think it was somewhere in the center.

I visited                      22nd of June 2014.

Would I go again?      Definitely, I would like to try this room below, it looks quite cool.

Value of money          One room was about 100 euros a night, but it was worth it.

Purpose of the trip      Drive through.

Nights                         1 night.


Luxury 7 of 10. If the hotel on general would have been nicer, it would definitely be 8. The rooms surprised us a lot!
Drive through 9 out of 10. The reception looked so bad, if someone should choose the hotel by just dropping by, they wouldn’t see the rooms, they´d just leave. 😦


The other room with the sauna:



4 thoughts on “City Residence Apartment Hotel ****

  1. Very nice review! Looks like you had a really good time. The rooms look like most rooms in a “normal” 5 star hotel, so it seems like it is definetly worth staying there


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