…2nd stop was in Kosice, Slovakia, where we spent the night in…

City Residence Apartment Hotel ****

We spent the night in Kosice, because we wanted to arrive as early as possible to Egerszalók. This is a place I´ve never been before. I heard that there are only three places on earth that look like that. One is in the States, one in Pammukkale, Turkey (there I´ve been) and one is in Egerszalók, Hungary.

This is in Pamukkale, Turkey:


Sad thing is that I don´t have any good pictures about that place, because one couldn´t go directly on the salt hill. The hill is next to a hotel called Saliris Resort Spa & Conference Hotel ****S. We actually wanted to stay there, but we just couldn´t make it, it was just too much driving from Warsaw, so we decided to stay in between. Aa, I have to sigh that we were supposed to make it to Budapest for celebrating a wedding anniversary of one of my sister´s and her husband´s, so the whole family got together in Budapest.

Has anyone visited the hotel? Is it snobby or what it´s like? Is it worth going there?

What is Egerszalók then? Of course, help is provided by Wikipedia:

Egerszalók is an open-air spa and village (population 2,311) located in Heves County in northeastern Hungary. The springs yield 68°C mineral water from an aquifer located under the volcanic Mátra Mountains. The spa is located 8 km west of the county seat of Eger. Egerszalok lies 133 km from Budapest, in the Lasko stream valley between the Matra and Bukk ranges.

The historical and geographical associations of Egerszalók have made it a favourite spa in Hungary. The area’s waters have been in use since the 1730s, although the current spa only came into operation in 1961. Before entering the spa pools, the steaming water runs down a series of cascades backed and lined with travertine; the gleaming mineral has precipitated from the water as it interacts with air at atmospheric temperatures. The travertine is locally called “salt,” and the cascade of water is called “Salt Hill.”

Not all of the dissolved solids precipitate. The Egerszalók spa pools contain water rich in calcium, magnesium, and hydrocarbonate minerals. A total of 17 outdoor and indoor pools comprise a total water surface area of 1,900 m². The spa is physically connected to the adjacent Salaris Resort Spa and Conference Hotel.

Fürdő, strand - Saliris Resort Spa & Konferencia Hotel****Superior

There are some really cool pictures of Eger and Egerszalók:

After spending some great time in the spa in Egerszalók we had dinner in Eger and after that we started our trip to Budapest, Hungary.

These are my pictures:


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