Boscolo Budapest, Autograph Collection *****

Hotel Boscolo Budapest, Autograph Collection *****

Firstly, just to understand my excitement about this hotel, you have to read about the history. I got some information for you from Wikipedia. The New York Life Insurance Company assigned architect Alajos Hauszmann, to plan the company’s hall building in Budapest. Hauszmann, with Flóris Korb and Kálmán Giergl planned a four story eclectic palace, with a café on its ground floor. The building and the café opened on October 23, 1894. The statues and other ornaments on the front side of the building, as well as the ground floor café’s 16 imposing devilish fauns, each one beside the café’s sixteen windows, are the works of Károly Senyey.

The building was nationalized during the communist era. After the collapse of socialism, the palace was bought by Italian Boscolo Hotels in February 2001. The building was totally renovated, and reopened on May 5, 2006 as a 107 room luxury hotel, with the Café, also totally renovated, on its ground floor.


Reception and welcome The reception is amazing! The hall is the most beautiful hall I´ve ever seen in a hotel, well, at least one of the most beautiful. Welcome is very friendly and nice as well.
Welcome drink Unfortunately no welcome drink. 😦
Free upgrade My sister had taken our rooms before, so I don´t know if she was offered an upgrade.
Valet and parking Yes, there is. It wasn´t free of charge though. But valet was very professional, polite and friendly.
Concierge Yes, and very professional.


Sparkling wine There was! So happy.
Hot meal Yes, but you had to order it separately, though some of the warm meals were in the buffet too.
In general The breakfast is in the café, in a level below. So you can imagine how beautiful it really was. It felt like in the old times, so classy!

The room

In general Well, we were in the new building of the hotel, the only bad thing about it was that the elevator wasn´t as luxury as the elevator in the old building, but the room compensated it totally.My sisters were in the old building and I didn´t like the rooms as much as I liked our rooms in the new building. But they weren’t bad too, they were really nice. The balcony wasn’t with class barriers, so you couldn’t just sit there and watch the city, you had to look over the barriers to see something. Though it wasn´t bad. Also, the rooms in the old building had a touch of the old times, so you felt quite good there.The rooms were following:Junior suite:

Superior room:

While our room was very modern and big. Loved the view and the balcony, it was more like a terrace. So amazing, everything was nice and clean. Loved it.

Room type Superior room in the new building.I don’t find the pictures of the room in the hotel’s website.
Surprise in the room No surprise.
iPhone dock I don´t think there was one… Does anyone know?
Blanket and the blanket case Yes, there were and the bed was so soft, it was amazing.
Carped The room was fully carpeted.
Amenities and bathroom The basic amenities. Bathroom was cool, I like that the WC and the bidet are separated from the rest of the bathroom.
Shower curtain? No. 🙂
Are the TV speakers in the bathroom too? It was an open bathroom, so you could hear it from the room.
Bath salt and bath I don´t think there was a bath salt, but there was bath, it was great!
Slippers and robe Yes there were.
Free WI-FI Of course there was free WI-FI! 🙂
Air conditioning Yes.

Hotel area (spa, dinner etc)

The hotel is amazing, the building is old and greatly renovated. There is also a spa in the hotel with quite a big pool and some saunas. That was great, the water in the pool was warm too, so in the morning after celebrations it was great to soak in the pool. 🙂 a little thing, I don´t know why, but the hotel did look smaller in real than in the pictures.

Location                     It wasn´t that close to Donabe River, but the location wasn´t bad, though we travelled by taxi the whole time.

I visited                       From 23-25th of June 2014.

Would I go again?        Definitely!

Value of money           It wasn´t cheap, it was about 180 euros a night, but totally worth it.

Purpose of the trip     Anniversary.

Nights                         2 nights.


Luxury 10 out of 10. I just love that hotel!
Drive through


Again, sorry for the bad quality and for the mess in the room!!! 🙂 🙂


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