3rd stop was in Budapest, Hungary, where we spent 2 nights.

Boscolo Budapest, Autograph Collection *****

In Budapest of course we visited the shores of the Danube River. We took a ferry ride, I don´t remember the name, but it was fun, this is the evening we celebrated the wedding anniversary, with dinner and of course some champagne. The ferry drove around the Danube, so you could see the spectacular views and of course the amazing buildings. My favourite building in Budapest is the Parliament building. You just have to see it.

We also took the sightseeing bus that drove into the river, which was so fun! Unfortunately my sister´s kid hates me now, I was supposed to film the whole process, but accidentally I only took a photo, so no filming was involved, I promised to buy her something from eBay, so she accepted the apologize. Lucky me, ha?

We had some great afternoon tea lunch at the Four Seasons, I recommend it, it was so good and tasty. Especially champagne. I would definitely do that again. I’ll give you some information about it below:

Served from 3:00 to 6:00 pm every day, tea guests will gather under the Hotel’s opulent cupola where a piano player sets the tone for a perfect afternoon relaxation.

On top of all these ravishing elements, at Four Seasons guests will also be soothed by the breath-taking design of the world famous Herend porcelain, which boasts unique classic design motifs and a variety of hand painted butterflies.

Many celebrities and art connoisseurs along with kings, queens and aristocrats of the 19th and 20th Centuries have been customers of Herend porcelain. Queen Victoria ordered a whole service of Herend porcelain at the first World’s Fair in London. Her name became associated with the Victoria pattern and the collection was named after her. Princess Diana collected Herend china figurines. Her collection is now on display at the Spencer family’s home at Althorp in England. Several Herend pieces were donated to Pope John Paul II, and Pope Benedict XVI received a Herend figurine for his 80th birthday. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a collector too and has purchased several pieces of Herend china.

Guests enjoying the unique tea experience can rest assured they will never leave thirsty as drinks of the Herend Afternoon Tea are continuously replenished at no additional charge.

As you read, it is worth it to spend a luxury lunch at the Four Seasons!

The second place we ate at, was The Boscolo New York Café. It was supposed to be this very famous place to eat. Since it is in our hotel, it is natural, that we have to eat there at least once!

From Boscolo webpage the café is described as folloing: a taste for art, the Boscolo New York café in Budapest.

The Boscolo New York Café is considered to be ‘the best café in the world’; it was not only the literary pantheon of the Bella Époque, but also a famous café where you can still taste traditional flavours and typical dishes, in harmony with the Italian cuisine, and with a welcome and elegant and creative cuisine which results from the ‘Boscolo Food Experience’.

In a secluded setting, separated by light crystal but still immersed in the magical atmosphere of the historic café, there is the Salon Fine Dining Restaurant. And then the Bar, a perfect place to enjoy drinks, cocktails and vintage brandy in the necessary tranquillity. The breakfast room has an essential fascination but offers the usual viewpoint of a small table on a large balcony.

Wikipedia sais that New York Café was a long-time centre for Hungarian literature and poetry, almost from its opening on October 23, 1894 to its closure in 2001, to reconstruct it into a luxury hotel, as it is now. The café was also reopened on May 5, 2006 in its original pomp, as was the whole building.

So you read it and you think like, wow(!), you have to go there, especially when it is in your hotel. What did I think of the café? Well, the food was not that good, I think they are just relying on the history or may-be I just don´t know good food? Perhaps. The interior itself is amazing! Everywhere you look, your mouth just falls open, it is just so beautiful. Breakfast is there as well, so it is really cool to be having breakfast in that atmosphere. Still, the food was really overrated… Also I have to say, that the service is a bit slow and rude too. There was only one guy that we wanted to serve us, because he was so nice and friendly and always tried to make everything perfect.

Unfortunately we did not have time to visit the terms, but then I have a reason to go back there again, which I’m definitely going to do really soon!

I love the history of the old and grandiose hotels, so of course I looked up some pictures of how the cafe looked some time ago. It’s just really cool to picture how in like a 100 years ago there was such life and how everyone spent time there..


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