Athens Life Gallery *****

Hotel Athens Life Gallery *****


Reception and welcome It´s a modern hotel, welcome was polite.
Welcome drink No welcome drink.
Free upgrade  Asked, but the hotel was fully booked at the time. It was true too, because we got the last rooms, looked from everywhere.
Valet and parking No valet, parking was for free outside.
Concierge Yes. The guy was so nice and polite.


Sparkling wine No. In a resort five star hotel, you´d expect something…
Hot meal Some.
In general  Breakfast was awful, there was nothing to eat, no service, no juices. Bad, bad, next morning we didn´t go to eat.

The room

In general  Modern and nice. Open bathroom, my parents and sister hated that, but I like it, though it. It makes the room look bigger.
Room type Deluxe room:
Surprise in the room No surprise.
iPhone dock Nope.
Blanket and the blanket case No, no, no. That was so bad, I hate when they don´t have blankets in the room. Okay, you can take one from the closet, but usually they don´t have blanket cases and they seem dirty. In this case there was just a fleece – like that below – I hate that, I don´t care how hot it is outside, I want a comfortable blanket in a blanketcase!!
Carped One small carped next to bed.
Amenities and bathroom Basic. Bathroom is open, only WC and the toilet are in separated rooms. But there is this awkward peep hole in the wall between the two. Basically when you sit down in a toilet you have full view to someone´s butt or vaag or… 😉 So hope you two are very close with each other or in the opposite case, don’t use the shower and the WC at the same time.
Shower curtain? Nope.
Are the TV speakers in the bathroom too? From the room you can. 🙂
Bath salt and bath No and no bath too.
Slippers and robe There were.
Free WI-FI There was.
Air conditioning Yes.

Hotel area (spa, dinner etc)

I wouldn’t spend my vacation there, but for 2 nights stay it´s OK. Still, the pool was kind of small and very cold.I must say, it was one of the best choices we had to choose from picking a hotel in Athens. The other 5 star hotels were just overly expensive or just too ugly.

Location                     If you want to stay in Athens, then this hotel is not in Athens, it´s about half an hour to Athens by car.

I visited                      27-29th of June 2014.

Would I go again?      For a night stay, yes, for vacation, no.

Value of money          Very good. Other five star hotels were just way too expensive or looked so bad, that I wouldn´t have spent a night there too.

Purpose of the trip      Overnight stay and a bit of a vacation as well.

Nights                         2 nights.


Luxury 6 or 7 out of 10. Hotel was a bit tired. The general area was so, so. I cannot imagine myself relaxing by the pool there.
Drive through 8 out of 10, very comfortable.



4 thoughts on “Athens Life Gallery *****

  1. The pictures make the hotel look pretty good. Sad that your experiences apart from that proved to be not that good :/

    I think I’ll go for another hotel in Athens when visiting this year…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Where are you going, just to Athens? But yes, for a vacation I wouldn´t recommend that hotel, but just for 2 nights and when you are with a car, then yes, why not. The price was pretty good, about 150 euros a night. The other hotels I was looking, were about 300 a night.


      • Yeah, will be flying over for some days most likely. Just for sightseeing and stuff. But as I really like good hotels, I’m always opting for the “best choice” (should be any affordable tho)

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