After the Meteora we had to move on, we hoped to arrive to Tiran, but we didn´t have that much time, so we spent the night in Ohrid, Macedonia.

Macedonia, Ohrid, Ioan Kaneo

Alexandar Villa ****

We didn´t really have the opportunity to visit Ohrid, but I heard that it is a great university town? True?

In the morning we travelled further and visited Tiran. Wow, the traffic is just crazy!!! The round abounds were so messy, that we were all closing our eyes all the time, because we just didn´t want to see if we get out of there or not! Okay, okay, except the driver. She eventually had to open her eyes.

At first we were planning to eat dinner in the Old Town, but when we got to town, we were quite afraid of the traffic and the people traffic. So we decided to get out of Tiran. But we were still quite hungry. Hmm, what to do? Fortunately we just drove past the airport and near the airport there was such a nice building, it was a hotel and of course there was a restaurant too.

We were very welcomed, the people who work there were so friendly and nice. The food was even better, the chef made so many surprises, that at the end we were so stuffed that we thought we´re going to die. Of course we ordered two bottles of wine too. So guess what the bill was? There were four of us and we all had 5-course dinner plus two bottles of fine wine and some other drinks… Well? It was 50 euros!! Can you believe it? And the service and quality was just amazing. Very polite and very professional staff.

They told us that they just opened the hotel a few months ago and they wanted to show us the rooms too. So here´s the review.

Vila Zeus ****

In Albania I recommend visiting Sarandë and Vlorë. I am so sad we didn´t have time to go there, but from the pictures it just looks so amazing! Next time definately!

After having a great meal, we moved on to Podgorica, Montenegro, where we spent the night.

For more information, I have to say that when we were in Greece and started to drive to Albania, there was this guy, who asked us, where are we travelling to. When he heard that we are planning to stay in Tirana, he was like, seriously??? No, why?? You just have to drive through there and no matter what, don´t stop! So we got a little bit frightened. But now, I only have nice things to say about Albania. The nature is amazing, it´s so beautiful and clean. The people, well at least the ones we met, are the friendliest people ever. So don´t be afraid to visit Albania, it´s not at all that scary and dangerous! 🙂


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