So our 7-day sunbathing and swimming was over. The last week of our vacation had sadly started.

Besides champagne and wine I also love shopping, surprise, ha? So every year we make a stop in outlet city Metzingen.

Metzingen is famous for its factory outlets, attracting people from all over the country and even Europe. Hugo Boss, which was founded in Metzingen and still has its headquarters there, started first with its factory outlet and was soon followed by other companies (e.g. Burberry, Reebok, JOOP!, Strenesse, Escada, Bally, Puma, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, etc.) who offer a range of their clothing at reduced prices. Today there are over 80 so-called “outlet-stores”.

So you can imagine that women like it a lot! Our father has always goose bumps when we are going there, for him it means that he has to just wait for us for lots and lots of hours! 🙂

To get there, we had to make two stops, firstly we stopped in Salzburg.

Hotel Salzburg ****

The next night we stayed in Stuttgart, so we could start shopping early in the morning.

NH Stuttgart Airport ****

Of course you can imagine that the next day we didn´t make it far, we stayed in Nurnberg.

NH Fürth-Nürnberg ****


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