We drove back home through Berlin, because from Berlin there is a good motorway to Warsawa. Anyone who has been on a road trip through Warsawa knows, that driving through that country is quite painful, so many trucks and after every few kilometres there is speed limit 70. Of course the police are not missing on the roads, so a chance of getting a ticket is quite high!

This wasn´t the only reason, in fact my sister and father just love Germany so much. And our father´s only wish for every vacation is that he really, really wants to visit Berlin. So we try to accommodate his wishes when we can. And of course every time we just have to visit the Sony center, Parliament building and the Brandenburg Gates. 🙂

In Berlin we stayed in the…

The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin *****

And our last hotel in the Europe trip 2014 was in Warsawa again.

Sofitel Warsaw Victoria *****

So sadly our vacation was over. We had been on the road from the 21st of June 2014 till the 13th of July 2014. So altogether for 23 days and we stayed in 15 different hotels. We drove for 7900 kilometers. There were four of us in the car and we drove with a jeep, so we could move ourselves just a little bit. 🙂

Waiting forward to the next vacation, I could just travel for ages. I love it!


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