The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin *****

Hotel The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin *****


Reception and welcome Very nice and friendly.
Welcome drink No.
Free upgrade Asked and wasn´t given.
Valet and parking Yes and yes, parking and valet wasn´t free of charge. Service was great and professional.
Concierge Yes and the young boy was so nice and studious.


Sparkling wine Yes!! 🙂
Hot meal Yes.
In general


Breakfast was amazing, the breakfast room was so cool and the food was everywhere. So much variety. There were so many little things that were so cute, for example for the cook who made omlets (is it a word in English?) and pancakes, there was this very beautiful bowl to put the eggshells into. There wasn´t lots of trash and stuff like that lying around, everything was thought through. Very cool breakfast and delicious too.

The room

In general


The room was beautiful, I liked that the hall was big and the front door wasn´t straight to the room but to the hall. The room is a bit dated, but it didn´t bother that much. I like the possibility of a night light.
Room type I think we had superior room, but I don’t see the difference…

Surprise in the room Complimentary water.
iPhone dock Yes.
Blanket and the blanket case Yes and yes. The bed was so comfortable!
Carped Carpeted.
Amenities and bathroom Yes, but basic, nothing special. The bathroom itself was big, I love that the shower and WC are in separated rooms.
Shower curtain? No.
Are the TV speakers in the bathroom too? Yes.
Bath salt and bath No, but there was a bath, looked really cool.
Slippers and robe Yes, but the slippers didn’t have The Ritz logo on them. 😦
Free WI-FI No, why the hell not? I just can´t understand, why??
Air conditioning Yes.

Hotel area (spa, dinner etc)

Hotel was beautiful, what I don’t understand is the dinner. Seriously? Doesn’t a 5-star hotel, like The Ritz have a festive dinner possibility? No it doesn’t, there is a café though. For breakfast it´s OK, but for dinner? We made ourselves beautiful and festive, because we thought that there was going to be a great festive dinner, instead we were in a café.

Rest of the hotel was nice and beautiful. I love that there was this photo booth with The Ritz logo in the corner of the photo. Such a great memory to take with you.

I also like the lobby bar, service was great.

Location                     The location was great, just next to the Sony Centre.

I visited                      10-11th of July 2014.

Would I go again?      Definitely.

Value of money          We paid 210 euros per room. Kind of expensive. But looking the brand, it´s understandable.

Purpose of the trip      Drive through.

Nights                         1 night.


Luxury 9 out of 10. If it had free WI-Fi, I´d put it 10.
Drive through 10 out of 10!








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