Estonia, Pärnu, Hedon Spa & Hotel****

Hotel Hedon Spa & Hotel****

Well, actually, before this summer I have never understood the phenomena of Pärnu, Estonia. The beach is sandy and the water is not hot so you can´t even swim there. No really, why go there? But one day, when I heard that my mom and my sister are going with the children to Pärnu, the weather was just too hot and of course I had wanted to visit this new hotel called Hedon Spa & Hotel, I decided to go with them. Fortunately, they had booked a suite, so I could easily stay with them and we didn´t have to book an extra room.

So why did I want to go to Hedon Spa & Hotel that much? Well, I’ve always looked at the mud baths building there and I always thought that someone should renovate the building and make it live again, it is such a beautiful and a historic building. I am always intrigued by the historic buildings, I always think that what might have happened there and I love the smell of history there. The building was originally completed in 1838, when there were sea baths and saunas. In 1915 the building was destroyed by fire and in the 1926-1927 the building was restored. Mud baths were built in 1929 to the left wing, where there was carbonic acid heal unit (sorry for my English), and in 1935 the right wing was water treatment unit. After Estonias independence the building remained empty and unused.

Hedon SPA fuajee. Kaunis Voldemar Melliku skulptuur, mis ootab restaureerimist

So, anyway, we finally got there. 🙂 The building itself was very nicely renovated. I really liked the patio in the rooms, cosy white stools in the patio and I also like the pool outside in the spa area. About the pool, I´ve heard a lot that it is too low, but I do not have a single bad word to say about it. That’s cool that you can sit there and just sunbathe. Although it does interest me a bit, why is it so low, maybe they just could not make it deeper? Also, my sister thought that they should have actually built the pool a bit deeper and next to it, they should have put a nice jacuzzi. Anyway, I really love this courtyard, also the indoor swimming pool. It is a pity that there are so few saunas for the people who visit the hotel. There are more saunas in the mud baths unit, it is called a silent spa. However, I also understand, I suppose the hotel and spa are designed to be separated from one another.

There is also a salt pool in the silent spa, this is where I desperately want to go to. But the price for a silent spa is a bit too expensive, if you’ve already paid for the room. It is also expensive to just to go to the spa, I think it was 70 euros for two people. Pretty tough, is it not? Aaa, but I think there were some rituals as well. Well, I do not know. Okay, maybe I´d spend romantic spa day there, along with the champagne of course! 🙂

And finally, imagine, there is sparkling wine at breakfast!! Why am I so surprised? In Estonia I´ve only seen sparkling wine at breakfast in Tartu, in a hotel called Hotel Antonius *****. Well, I do not know actually, maybe elsewhere too, but I haven´t been to those ones.

I do have to say that the service during the breakfast was awful. Everyone looks like they´re about to die, no smiles, and then you could hear loud comments from the kitchen about the people having breakfast. Every time we asked for something, it took them about ten minutes to deliver, even things like glasses. So, the service didn´t help to make your day start great.

Though I have to say, the last day, it was just the service that made the whole impression about the hotel so much better. But that day we didn´t feel like going to breakfast, maybe that’s why? 🙂 But actually, it was because of the staff in the reception, they were so nice and friendly.

The location of the hotel is great. It´s exactly in the beach. And could you believe? I got to swim in the sea twice in this year! Imagine, the water was just so warm! Another thing, what’s good about the hotel is that it is just next to a legendary pizza place called Steffani. This is a place you just have to visit when you go to Pärnu. The pizza just melts in your mouth, incredible.

In general, I´ll definitely visit the hotel again, especially in the summer. This summer I was there quite a lot, so definitely would return. Also, this is the best hotel in Pärnu, the others are so dated and old.


Reception and welcome Friendly and nice.
Welcome drink No. There were apples you could take though.
Free upgrade Sometimes.
Valet and parking No, but parking was free.
Concierge No.


Sparkling wine Yes!
Hot meal Yes.
In general Section from above: I do have to say that the service during the breakfast was awful. Everyone looks like they´re about to die, no smiles, and then you could hear loud comments from the kitchen about the people having breakfast. Every time we asked for something, it took them about them minutes to deliver, even things like glasses. So, the service didn´t help to make your day start great.

The room

In general The rooms are nice and clean. I liked it, there are balconies too, so great! All the rooms do not have air conditioning though! Keep in mind.
Room type Superior and suite:
Surprise in the room No, but when we stayed in suite, there was, a plate of fruits. 🙂
iPhone dock No.
Blanket and the blanket case Yes and yes, the beds were so comfortable!
Carped Yes.
Amenities and bathroom Basic ones and bathroom was nice.
Shower curtain? No.
Are the TV speakers in the bathroom too? No.
Bath salt and bath No, I think any of the rooms don´t have baths, at least the ones I´ve been to.
Slippers and robe Yes there were.
Free WI-FI Yes!
Air conditioning Yes, in some rooms.

Hotel area (spa, dinner etc)

The hotel itself is pretty nice, but I do not like the concrete floor and the carpet in the halls. Rooms themselves are nice and new. However, already a bit worn out. Well, it’s obvious that this would happen. What I really, really liked is the bed! Incredibly soft and cosy. Balconies are also enjoyable. I love the spa area outside, you can sunbathe and swim, there is also this vitamin bar, you can order champagne from. There is always sun and no wind. I love it, Every free weekend I had, I just wanted to go sunbathing there. I also love that the beach is so near. Very comfortable. More about the hotel, you can read above.

Location                     Great, in the beach and a few steps from the Old Town. One of the most famous nightclubs is just next to the hotel, so it´s good for a party weekend. Also pizza place called Seffani is next to it, I love this place.

I visited                      A few weekends in July and August.

Would I go again?      Definitely.

Value of money          Hmm, it was about over 150 euros or sth like that. Quite expensive though.

Purpose of the trip      Vacation.

Nights                         1 night at a time.


Luxury 7 out of 10. Especially the spa area!
Drive through 10 out of 10. Very nice and clean.


A suite:

Superior room:

10543738_758822134159558_158655649_n 10543789_758822334159538_930114896_n 10579228_758821880826250_92800487_n 10584319_758822140826224_2038451917_n 10585573_758821877492917_674994339_n


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  2. 150 euros for a four star hotel is pretty decent. Anyway, it does look really nice. Looking forward to next Estonia review (especially about the service in the other hotel you mentioned)

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