Antonius Hotel *****

Hotel Antonius Hotel *****

This is the hotel I visit quite often, my sister used to live in Tartu, so I went there a lot. The last time we were there, was the time we celebrated her graduation. So of course we had to celebrate till the morning and since it was summer, all the graduations had been done, the town was quite empty. Therefore we could make this kind of a picnic on the most famous bridge in Tartu. It is called Angels Bridge. A fun fact: my cousin proposed to her girlfriend on that bridge. 🙂


Reception and welcome Very friendly and very nice.
Welcome drink I think there´s water offered. At least in the early mornings, after the parties, I have found the water kettle and some glasses there… Of course I took some… 🙂 Especially after a long night.
Free upgrade Hmm, one time we got it, the last time I asked and wasn´t given.
Valet and parking No and they don´t have parking place, you´d have to park on the street.
Concierge Hmm, I have never seen one…


Sparkling wine Yes!!!
Hot meal Yes.
In general Hot meal is a la carte, there is also a buffet. Very good variety and tasty food. The service is great, very attentive, polite and professional.

The room

In general The rooms are all unique, we´ve had many types and I like them all. Especially the room that had a window in the bathroom. Love it!
Room type Our rooms have been: 404, 403 and 203.
Surprise in the room Hmm, there was a letter for us, which made us feel welcomed.
iPhone dock No.
Blanket and the blanket case Yes and yes. The bed was very comfortable.
Carped Some.
Amenities and bathroom Basic. The bathroom is big and with marble walls and floors. I love the bathrooms, kind of reminds me of Hotel Bagni di Bormio ***** in Bormio.
Shower curtain? Yes, but not creepy.
Are the TV speakers in the bathroom too? No.
Bath salt and bath Some rooms have baths. Bath salt – no.
Slippers and robe Yes and yes.
Free WI-FI Yes.
Air conditioning Yes. May-be only in some rooms? Not sure.

Hotel area (spa, dinner etc)

Hotel is beautiful, a taste of modern and old. The rooms are all very thought through. I love the hotel. In the vicinity you´ll find all the best restaurants, including Volga, which is very historical.I have nothing bad to say about that hotel. The next time I´ll go to Tartu, I´ll definitely stay there. 🙂

Location                     Right in the center of the Old Town and in the opposite of The University of Tartu.

I visited                      In August and in July and in February too.

Would I go again?      Definitely.

Value of money          Hmm, I think it was OK, I don´t remember.

Purpose of the trip      When I visit my sister aka fun and vacation.

Nights                         1 night at a time.


Luxury 8 out of 10, it doesn´t have a spa and parking.
Drive through 9 out of 10. Again, parking!


This is the university in the winter.

The other room:


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