Austria, Ischgl, Hotel Brigitte ****S

Hotel Superior Hotel Brigitte ****S

So, about Ischgl, Austria. I have to say that this is my favourite ski resort ever! The mountains are so great, lots of slopes and I really love the après ski there, it is just way too fun. This is a resort definitely for you, if you love partying as much you love skiing. Because these are the main things you do there. There is always something going on! The après ski starts in the mountain, where there is this really cool club kind of a thing, that is outside. There is a DJ, so you can hear the music when you ski there. The atmosphere there is so cool. The only bad thing is that, it is on top of a red mountain, which is not for beginners. So you can imagine that after après ski, the mountain is full of crashes and slow people. 😉 There is even a helicopter downhill and an ATV, that brings people off the mountain, who cannot really move anymore and have hurt themselves. But don´t worry, usually nothing really bad happens there. 🙂 Also the people are so cool and nice, they always help you and see that no one gets left behind.

After you reach down from the hill, you´ll usually end up in front of the Elizabeth Arthotel, which has the best après ski ever! I found a video too about it.

My favourite club is in a hotel Post, it is always full of people and there´s so much going on there. A club that I don´t recommend is club Pacha, the times we were there, it is quite empty and it is more like a strip club. OK, that was harsh, but yeah, not for me, let´s just say that. Though the first time we were in Ischgl, we had lots of fun there, so go figure… 🙂

The first time in Ischgl, we stayed in Elizabeth Arthotel ****, which is so great! Unfortunately I cannot do a review about that, because I don´t remember much about it and I don´t have any pictures. Also, they made a huge renovation a year I think after we were there, so moreover I don´t know what to say about the rooms. What I can say, is that I truly loved that hotel, the location, the service, everything! I would definitely stay there the next time, but now it´s way too expensive. Well, I think it wouldn´t be, if we´d book the rooms early, but unfortunately we always book the rooms ca a week before the trip. Therefore the more expensive rates. In conclusion, I really, really want to go to that hotel again and I´d definitely rate it 10 out of 10. So when you can, you should stay there in Ischgl. Plus, there was sparkling wine at breakfast! 🙂

The other hotel we really, really want to stay in is called Hotel Fliana ****, I hope we are quick enough to get the rooms there. It is affordable and it looks amazing! Plus, it is just next to Elizabeth Arthotel, so the après ski is just next to it. From both of the hotels, there is an amazing view to the slopes, so it´s really cool to watch at the end of the day from your balcony or from the saunas, how the people are descending back to the village.

Basically, I cannot wait for this year´s ski trip!

Here you can see more information about Ischgl!


Reception and welcome Very friendly and very nice. When we left, they gave us a drive home presents, which were chocolate candies.
Welcome drink No.
Free upgrade I don´t remember actually.
Valet and parking No but parking was free.
Concierge There might have been.


Sparkling wine  No.
Hot meal Yes.
In general Very nice breakfast, the food was good and variety was good as well.

The room

In general I liked it, it´s a typical ski resort hotel, very clean and nice. The rooms we have been to have been really big too, the last time we were there, we had a room in two levels. I truly like that hotel.
Room type We have had these kinds of rooms:

Surprise in the room Nope.
iPhone dock Nope.
Blanket and the blanket case Yes and yes, again the beds, so comfortable.
Carped Fully carpeted.
Amenities and bathroom Basic and bathrooms are nice, clean and big. 🙂
Shower curtain? Nope.
Are the TV speakers in the bathroom too? Nope.
Bath salt and bath There was a bath but no bath salt.
Slippers and robe Yes.
Free WI-FI Yes.
Air conditioning I don´t know…

Hotel area (spa, dinner etc)

I like this hotel. It is really cosy and nice and kind of luxury. The service is really good. I like the atmosphere there, also dinner is great. There is a three or four course a la carte menu and everything is really nice, tasty and sweet.

I also love the spa area, lots of saunas and I love the pool there, it is so warm and nice. Imagine, after a day in the mountains you get back to the hotel, go to warm saunas and swim in the amazing pool. Go to dinner, go to clubs, come back to the hotel, sleep for 2 hours, wake up, go to breakfast and go back to the mountains… Hmm, wish I was on a ski trip right now!

Location                     It is a bit far from the main lift, but there is this elevator that takes you to it, so you don´t have to walk that much. To be honest, it didn´t bother me that much.

I visited                      In March, last time was in 2014 and the first time was 2011.

Would I go again?      Yes.

Value of money          Reasonable.

Purpose of the trip      Ski trip.

Nights                         Ca 4 or 5.


Luxury 8 out of 10. The rooms were a bit dated, but I saw from the webpage, that they have new rooms. So I´d like to see those too before I´ll give it a 10. 🙂
Drive through 10 out of 10. Very nice hotel.


There´s a video too about the hotel:

Unsere Wellnessoase mit großem Pool im Hotel Brigitte in Ischgl

Doppelzimmer Classic-B 01


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