Mexico, Cancun, hotel Secrets The Vine Cancun All Inclusive – Adults Only *****

Hotel Secrets The Vine Cancun All Inclusive – Adults Only *****

So this year we went again to Mexico and after that we did some shopping in Miami. We were looking for hotels and places to spend the vacation at, but we didn´t find anything. At first we considered of going to Cuba, but we didn´t find any hotels there, that we would have liked. Can anyone recommend something? Also we thought of going to Dominican Republic, but my other sister said, that we shouldn´t go there, she didn´t like it. So eventually, just to be safe, we chose Mexico again. The weather is great there, always warm and the sea is just amazing, beautiful light blue. Plus we got a great deal on the hotel too, so everything was decided.

In Mexico there is again the clubbing that I like besides the beautiful and warm sea. In Cancun and in Playa del Carmen there is a night club of which like I´ve never seen before. It is called Coco Bongo. It´s so much fun and the show, wow. You won’t believe it if you haven’t seen it. The ticket is about 120 USD and for that price you have VIP table, AI drinks and of course the show! And, when you´re really pretty, you get to be on the show too. 😉

About the hotel now.


Reception and welcome Very nice and very friendly. The welcome was so great, we were welcomed with the staff that had trays with cavas on there. After we got the glasses, they checked us in.
Welcome drink Yes!
Free upgrade Asked, but they offered upgrade for charge. We took one – read about it below.
Valet and parking I don´t know, I think they have, but we arrived by taxi and left by taxi as well.
Concierge Yes.


Sparkling wine Yes!! Since it´s an AI resort, there is sparkling wine all the time and everywhere.
Hot meal Yes, variety was great!
In general Breakfast hall is nice, it has an amazing view. Food was so good. Basically you could order breakfast to the room as well, if you want, which we did the last day. It was so good too. I just loved it.

The room

In general I love the rooms! They are so big and light. I love the floors, the material and the same floor is in the balcony. So basically the balcony is the extension of the room. I just loved that so much! The bathroom was great too. It has two sinks, which is great! Also the shower and WC are separated. Both were really big. And the same floor is in the shower too, really comfortable! Only thing again, open bathrooms, but then again, it is quite private. You don´t see your companion brushing their teeth in the morning, which is nice. But you can hear everything, because all the walls are made of glass. :)About the upgrade – we were offered a junior suite, but we didn´t like the room as much as we liked our room. It was kind of too big and the balcony wasn´t as good as the ones in our rooms. So we really quickly changed it back. Also, the junior suite didn´t even have a bath, which is sad.
Room type Junior suite: room:
Surprise in the room Nope, though you could order free room service every time you feel like it.Also, you can count this as a surprise: there was incense in the room. Kind of relaxing. 🙂
iPhone dock Yes.
Blanket and the blanket case Very comfortable and yes, there was a blanket and it was in a blanket case! 🙂
Carped Nope.
Amenities and bathroom Great, we had even sunblock and after sun creams, toothbrushes and toothpastes etc. Bathroom was really thought through, very comfortable and beautiful.
Shower curtain? Nope! the shower was my favourite.
Are the TV speakers in the bathroom too? Nope, but you can hear everything from the room.
Bath salt and bath Neither bath nor bath salt.
Slippers and robe Yes and yes.
Free WI-FI Yes!
Air conditioning Yes.

Hotel area (spa, dinner etc)

I really, really love this hotel! I really do. I love the rooms, I love that they´re clean and beautiful. I love the hotel building and I love the pool area. It kind of reminds me of Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas (I´ll write about it soon). There are three pools, which are all so warm and nice. There´s also a jacuzzi, that is may-be even too warm. The view from the pool area is straight to the sea. Very beautiful. The service and staff is great and attentive.About the restaurants, there are six á la carte gourmet restaurants, a buffet and a café – reservations are never required.At Secrets The Vine Cancun, these amenities are included:

There´s also a gym and spa, which we didn´t use. Aa, I think I took a massage and I liked the spa area too.

At first, when we chose the hotel for the winter vacation, we were quite afraid of that one. We thought that it was too small and there´s nowhere to walk around (actually you can walk plenty at the beach!), also we read that it is quite windy there. But in reality, it wasn´t at all windy and the fact that the hotel is small, doesn´t bother at all. We were really impressed by the hotel and its possibilities. Especially, as a wine freak, I loved that they had wine tasting about 3 times a day. The sommelier was really professional.

There are so many little things that you just love about the hotel. Even the fact that when you didn´t have time for breakfast, you can get all sorts of coffees and snacks at the lounge on the ground floor. All the details are so cool and nice. I wish I had made lots of pictures of these places!

One more thing: I loved that every day after lunch (or was it before?) they have this chef parade, where all the cooks come to the podium and each cook has something delicious on their plates. They come down to the pool area and offer everyone some snacks that can be found in the restaurants that evening. It is something I´ve never seen before in other hotels. There is this cool music and the whole thing is so fun again! 🙂

Location                     Great, just in the beach, though you have to take a taxi to got to town.

I visited                      February 2014.

Would I go again?      Definitely.

Value of money          Great!

Purpose of the trip      Vacation.

Nights                         7 nights.


Luxury 10 out of 10. Love the hotel!
Drive through 10 out of 10, what more do you need??




Chef parade:


4 thoughts on “Mexico, Cancun, hotel Secrets The Vine Cancun All Inclusive – Adults Only *****

  1. Wow, this one really looks amazing. Feels like it was way better than everything you reviewed over in Europe. It’s kind of “awkward” for us Europeans that all the beautiful resorts are located in Asia or America :/


    • Thank you! Also, it´s getting too expensive to go overseas all the time to visit some great hotels. 🙂 But there have been some hotels that I´ve really liked in Europe too, stay tuned. :)))

      Liked by 1 person

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