“The Ritz is my home”, Coco Chanel

The hotel and the suite I´d really like to go someday is the Ritz, Paris, Chanel Suite. How did I get to know about it? Well, I just finished a book about Chanel´s life and as everyone knows, she lived in the Ritz. So since I was a bit curious about the suite, of course I looked it up and I discovered that there is a Chanel Suite in the Ritz in Paris. So that goes to my bucket list, I´d really like to visit it someday!

Chanel actually had an apartment at 31 rue Cambon, Paris, but she never stayed there. All she did there was work and held events etc. The apartment is right across the street from the Ritz, so every night she went to sleep there. She even stayed there during World War II, but she was given another suite at that time.

The 1,670-square-foot (155 m2) Coco Chanel Suite where Coco Chanel lived for some 35 years consists of two bedrooms and a living room and features Coromandel lacquers, Chinese furniture, baroque mirrors and over-sized sofas with quilting created by Grande Mademoiselle. The suite is said to be equipped with the most sophisticated technology including fax, Jacuzzi, steam-bath shower, and ultra-modern walk-in closets.

I read somewhere, that it costs about 11 000 dollars a night!

The Hôtel Ritz is a grand palatial hotel in the heart of Paris, the 1st arrondissement. It overlooks the octagonal border of the Place Vendôme at number 15. The hotel is ranked highly among the most prestigious and luxurious hotels in the world and is a member of “The Leading Hotels of the World“. As of 2014 the Ritz is closed for a major multi-million dollar renovation. When the hotel re-opens in 2015 room rates will start at USD $1,500 per night.

Here is an interesting article about the suites in the Ritz!


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