The Czech Republic, Brno, Barceló Brno Palace ****

Hotel Barceló Brno Palace ****

After Warsaw, we stayed in Brno, because we had to hurry to Croatia, Portorož.


Reception and welcome  Reception was beautiful, the hall was amazing, reminds me of Boscolo Budapest, Autograph Collection *****. Welcome itself was neutral.
Welcome drink No.
Free upgrade No, wasn´t offered and didn´t ask too.
Valet and parking I think there was a valet, but the guy ignored us. There was parking as well.
Concierge Yes.


Sparkling wine No.
Hot meal Yes.
In general The food was OK, the usual. No fresh grapefruit juice.

The room

In general  The rooms were really nice and clean, I loved them. They are so modern and beautiful. The building itself is over 100 years old, but it is really greatly renovated. Everything feels so luxurious. I liked that you can plug your USB port to the TV, so you could watch your own movies.
Room type Deluxe rooms:
Surprise in the room No.
iPhone dock No.
Blanket and the blanket case Yes and yes.
Carped No.
Amenities and bathroom Good ones. Bathroom was greatly designed too, I really liked it.
Shower curtain? No.
Are the TV speakers in the bathroom too? I don´t think so.
Bath salt and bath Yes and yes.
Slippers and robe Yes and yes.
Free WI-FI Yes.
Air conditioning I don´t remember…

Hotel area (spa, dinner etc)

The hotel is very beautiful and nice, I totally loved it! What I didn´t love that much was the service.A really unpleasant impression was given at breakfast. I booked the rooms with breakfast. But at breakfast the attendant came to me and told that we don´t have breakfast included and we have to pay for it. After breakfast I went to reception and asked what the problem was. The reception was really rude, he told that yes, he can see that in my confirmation letter there is breakfast included, but the hotel doesn´t have that information, so they´ll take the cost of breakfast from our credit card, that was provided previously.

I cannot imagine that someone would do that, especially a beautiful hotel. Besides, the breakfast wasn´t anything special anyways, so just to keep the client happy, I wouldn´t have taken the extra amount for the breakfast, that was originally included in my confirmation letter anyway, why should I pay more, because they have some communication problems with

Since we were in a hurry, we didn´t have time to start arguing. They told that they will find out what the problem is and then they’ll refund the money. Just in an hour after we had left the hotel, we got an e-mail, that stated that they cannot change their reservation, so they’ll keep the money.

So you cannot blame me for having a shitty impression about the hotel staff. I´m so sad that we had to leave with that impression, because the hotel itself is amazing. 😦

Location                     Very good, in the Old Town.

I visited                      July 2013.

Would I go again?      For the hotel, definitely, for the staff, never.

Value of money          Was about 180 euros, but they charged extra 60 euros for breakfast.

Purpose of the trip      Drive through.

Nights                         1 night.


Luxury 8 out of 10, would have been 9, but the service sucked really bad.
Drive through 9 out of 10, again, the service.


The pictures are from hotel website, but our rooms looked like that:


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