Cannes and Èze

Our most expensive hotel in our entire vacation was in Cannes. Do you think that we were happy with the hotel when we got there? Think twice… We stayed at…

JW Marriott Cannes *****

Well, Cannes itself is getting more and more overrated. Don’t get me wrong, I love France, I love every town, every city in there. I lived in France and since then I’m getting more and more patriotic about France but come on, Cannes is getting more and more overrated. The previous time I was there was about a year ago before the last visit. In the previous time we didn’t take the most expensive hotel there, we booked Hotel Splendid **** (I’ve got the review coming soon) and we were quite happy about it. The first time we stayed in Cannes for the night, we stayed in Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez ***** (again, the review is coming soon) and we were quite happy about the hotel as well. Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez ***** was I think at the same price range and it was way better than JW Marriott Cannes ***** and the Hotel Splendid **** was so much cheaper and way better too! Well, you can read about it here, why we didn´t like JW Marriott Cannes *****.

Basically, what I wanted to say is that I wouldn’t go to Cannes again, well of course I´ll go there again, but I wouldn´t stay for the night there again, though if you have like lots and lots of money, OK, go there. Still, there are so many better places in the South of France that you can actually afford and where you won´t get a feeling that, what the hell did I just pay for that much??

In Cannes we actually only went to dinner because we arrived quite late there and for the second day I had so many plans for us outside of Cannes.

As I was saying, there are so many better places in South of France then Cannes. The first one and my favourite place on earth is the village Èze!

The area surrounding Èze was first populated around 2000 BC as a commune situated near Mount Bastide. The earliest occurrence of the name “Èze” can be found in the maritime books of Antonin as a bay called the St. Laurent of Èze. A hoard of ancient Greek silver phialae dating from the 3rd Century BC was found in Èze in the late nineteenth century and are now part of the British Museum‘s collection. The area was subsequently occupied by not only the Romans but also the Moors who held the area for approximately 80 years until they were driven out by William of Provence in 973.

By 1388 Èze fell under the jurisdiction of the House of Savoy, who built up the town as a fortified stronghold because of its proximity to Nice. The history of Èze became turbulent several times in the next few centuries as French and Turkish troops seized the village under orders from Hayreddin Barbarossa in 1543, and Louis XIV destroyed the walls surrounding the city in 1706 in the war of the Spanish succession. Finally in April 1860, Eze was designated as part of France by unanimous decision by the people of Eze.

Èze has been described as an “eagle’s nest” because of its location overlooking a high cliff 427 metres (1,401 ft) above sea level on the French Mediterranean. It’s so high that the light ochre church within (Notre Dame de l’Assomption built in 1764) can be seen from afar. An Egyptian cross inside the church suggests the village’s ancient roots, when the Phoenicians erected a temple there to honour the goddess Isis.

Traditionally, the territory of the Principality of Monaco was considered to begin in the Èze village (outskirts of Nice), running along the Mediterranean coast to Menton, on the present Italian border.

The Igbo people had and still have ruling bodies of royal and political leaders where an individual can be recognized by the entire society as primus inter pares, i.e., first among equals. This status is usually hereditary and among the male line since Igbo culture is patrilineal. Women in Igbo cultures were known to develop parallel social hierarchies through which they both competed and collaborated with their counterpart male kingship and governing hierarchies.

We discovered Èze on our first vacation in the South of France that we took when I wasn´t really, really small and young. I remember my first ever memory from the South of France was when I was so little, about 10 years old? May-be. Well, my family has always travelled a lot since I can remember. The first trips that we took around Europe we all slept in a small minibus and in tents, because we had to take the whole family with us and we couldn´t afford to spend every night in hotels. In our family there are like 12 people. So a lot, ha? 😉 One of the first hotels that I remember, that I really, really liked, was in Bandol, South of France. We had actually won the stay in that hotel and my parents secretly brought us, the three small children, to the hotel room, the rest of the family, my older sister and her boyfriend, spent the night in the minibus. Since there was so little room we slept in a mattress on the floor, but as the small children are, we really, really wanted to sleep in the balcony, so our parents finally were OK with that and they made the bed to the balcony. Oh, we were so happy!

I remember I looked everything in that room and in the hotel and it all looked so royal and golden. I have no idea what the name of the hotel was, but I remember that I thought that someday we always have to stay in hotels like this, it felt so luxury. In that hotel, there was also a pool outside, so you can only imagine how much fun it was for us, the kids.

So now, lots of years later, we finally stay in the hotels we always dreamed about. May-be this memory is also the reason I’m so obsessed with great hotels and travels? 🙂

Anyway, I got really off the topic. Basically what I wanted to tell you that in Èze I have been altogether for three times I guess, the best one was when me and my little sister came back from our vacation in Mallorca and we travelled by car from Barcelona Airport to go to Konstanz, where she lived, to gather her things and go back home. In that time we spent the nights in her car, because we were that cheap to spend money on hotels. Later we had no choice but to stay in hotels, because firstly, our mom called us and told that she is really, really worried about us and told that she booked us a hotel and we have no choice but to go there. So then we got spoiled again and the rest of the nights we stayed in hotels. But I’ll write you about that trip soon. 🙂 Though I do have to say that the few nights, I think it was two nights, it was really cool, because we got to stay in the most scenic places ever!

Again off the topic, but the main thing I wanted to tell you is that I love Èze. This is a place when someday I want to hold my wedding at. 🙂 Such a girl, ha? 🙂

I just love Èze, it is so beautiful and so majestic. I especially love two hotels there. So every time we go to Èze, we try to dine at this amazing hotel called Chateau Eza *****, but to stay there, it is just too expensive unfortunately, but someday!! 😉 When you go to Èze, you just have to visit the hotel’s restaurant; I think it had a Michelin star as well. But not even because of the Michelin star, but because of the view! Oh my god, it is just amazing! The second time me and my sister were in our little budget trip, we dined there and there was this really, really cool manager, who saw that we were so enjoying everything and he made our experience there even better. You just have to go there!!! I know it is a bit expensive, but you just have to go there just even for a glass of wine and I promise, you’ll never forget. I have better pictures of the restaurant and the view from the budget trip with my little sister, so you have wait for the better pictures, till I get with my writings to that vacation. 🙂

Well, after discovering the exotic garden and the most beautiful church on earth, we moved on from Èze and had some drinks in Monaco. It is a place you just have to go, even just for a drive through when you go to South of France. I do have a review on a hotel in Monaco too, but it has to wait for a bit. 🙂

So when you read the review of JW Marriott Cannes *****, you discover that the hotel had bed bugs there (yes, bed bugs!!!!!!), and we fortunately had to move on to Milan, where we had the best luck ever. 🙂 Read about it next and after the review about the hotel in Milan, you’ll read about a great gem in North of Italy, a place called Bormio! 😉

TIP! One of the reasons I really had to go to France too this vacation is that I wanted to buy some great wines and champagnes and crémants. Of course you just have to do that in France, because it’s cheaper and of course the choice is better… 😉


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  1. Ohhhhh…so gorgeous! France is on my bucket list if nothing else…these are beautiful..and you are as well..I love the pictures with you….but the bed bugs not so get afraid of those everywhere I go..haha..but this is sooo gorgeous! With the problems..I love this blog so much…. ❤ And yes perfect for a wedding ❤

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