Italy, Bormio, Grand Hotel Bagni Nuovi *****

Hotel Grand Hotel Bagni Nuovi *****

We finally got to Bormio. Bormio? Bormio is a town and comune located in the province of Sondrio, Lombardy region of the Alps in northern Italy. It has a population of 4,200. In addition to modern skiing facilities, the town is noted for the presence of several hot springs that have been tapped to provide hot spring water to spa baths at Bagni Vecchi, Bagni Nuovi and Terme di Bormio.

Why Bormio? There was a girl, who had the most amazing blog in the world. Every morning I used to wake up and went to see if she had written something. Her posts were always so positive and cool. It always gave me so much energy. In her posts she often wrote about Bormio and a hotel called Grand Hotel Bagni Nuovi *****. I saw the pictures she had made and I thought that this is a place I definitely have to go to someday. She gave me so many other ideas as well and you know, she just made you smile. I later discovered that she used to go to my school and she was in my parallel class. Unfortunately I never got acquainted to her and I never knew her, unfortunately now she´s an angel. I know that she has made lots of people quite happy just because they got to know her by her blog. The blog is called

So, about Grand Hotel Bagni Nuovi *****. It is a true gem in the North of Italy, Bormio. I love everything about it.

The luxury hotel, founded in 1836, many times enlarged and restructured in the 19th century: the halls of the hotel were richly decorated with stuccos and frescos following the Art Nouveau style and the front of the hotel was festooned with decoration in Venetian style. After a period in which the hotel was closed for nearly 30 years a restoration and conservation project was made to restore the hotel to its former splendour.

Settled in a Monumental park, Grand Hotel Bagni Nuovi offers 74 bright and spacious rooms; almost all of the bathrooms are equipped with a hydro-massage bath with thermal water and chromo therapy system. The Spa centre of the Hotel is easily accessible of the room and offers more than 30 different indoor and outdoor thermal facilities ( baths, pools, sauna, Turkish bath etc) open 12 months a year. The guests of the hotel may also visit the Spa Bagni Vecchi, situated in the park of the Resort, by foot or ordering our hotel shuttle.

TIP! Go there from Milan. The road we took from Bormio to Leipzig was just so curvy and made us sick a bit. Later we thought that we should have gone back to Milan and take a motorway to Leipzing. Though the views were spectacular, also there was even snow on the roads. 🙂


Reception and welcome Very nice, beautiful, welcome was very friendly and professional.
Welcome drink There was this really cool mineral water that you could pour from samovar. Also there were cookies and candies, also apples I think. Oh and there were really cool rose water napkins.
Free upgrade No, but they found us the rooms with balconies that we asked.
Valet and parking Yes and parking was in the yard.
Concierge Yes.


Sparkling wine Yes!
Hot meal Yes.
In general Hot meal wasn´t free of charge. :(Also you had to order hot meal, like eggs etc., from a la carte.

The room

In general The rooms are kind of dated but it didn´t really matter, they were quite fine anyway, the aura and feeling was ok there. The rooms were clean too. There was also a small room that was between the bedroom and the bathroom, it was a closet, so lots of closet space.
Room type Platinum rooms:
Surprise in the room Apples and mineral water. 🙂 Also, after turndown service they brought really cool rose water napkins to the room. At first I thought that they were candies, but then we realised that we were supposed to pour the rose water from the small jug to the small tablet next to it and then it rose and became a face cleaning napkin. Really, really cool!
iPhone dock Yes! Well there was a plug that we could connect our iPhone with, so basically it had an iPhone dock.
Blanket and the blanket case Yes and yes.
Carped Nope.
Amenities and bathroom Yes, really cool amenities. The bathroom was amazing!!! Firstly we had a balcony in the bathroom, so you could just sit there and enjoy the view. I think we spent our whole time just in the bathroom. The entire time we were in the room, I mean. 🙂 Bathroom was all marble and very light. The balcony doors were to the floor and they were really antique-ish. Very beautiful.
Shower curtain? No.
Are the TV speakers in the bathroom too? No.
Bath salt and bath Yes and I don´t know. The bath was so cool, we could put thermal water to it as well.
Slippers and robe Yes and yes. They also had a nice bag that we could fill with all the staff we´d need in the spa.
Free WI-FI Yes.
Air conditioning Hmm, no.

Hotel area (spa, dinner etc.)

The hotel area was amazing! This is my favourite spa in the world, I really, really want to go there again someday.The whole hotel area was filled with small pools and saunas. The pools were filled with really warm, some almost with hot, thermal water. There are also inside spas, where there are lots of different pools and saunas too.Every day there is held wine degustation (you can only taste 1 wine at a day when I remember correctly), which we really, really like of course. :)The hotel complex itself consists of 2 hotels, one is Grand Hotel Bagni Nuovi *****, which has its own spa and the other is Hotel Bagni Vecchi ****, which also has its own spa. The rooms there I think are more modern. So the next time I think I´d try this one out too.

Both of the hotels have huge spa areas. There is a free transfer that goes between the hotels at least in every hour, so you can easily enjoy both spas. And you can go there with your robes because it is only 3 minutes apart. So very comfortable!

The spa areas are just so luxury and amazing! There are lots of caves and saunas and different pools everywhere.

You just have to go there, it is such an amazing place!

Also the air you breathe there is so fresh. Even in the summer it feels like you´re in a skiing holiday, just because of the air.

Location                     Outside of Bormio, but I think that there are transfers to the town too.

I visited                      July or August 2013.

Would I go again?      Definitely!

Value of money          OK, it was quite expensive but so worth it!

Purpose of the trip      Spa vacation.

Nights                         2 nights.


Luxury 10 out of 10. I really loved it.
Drive through 10 out of 10 of course!!!!


I found a great article about the history of Bormio, loot it here:

The Bagni Nuovi thermal complex

Something from the article above:

“The construction of the road to the Stelvio Pass and the subsequent growth of tourism in the area led directly to the opening of the Bagni Nuovi, whose facilities perfectly complimented the already existing thermal complex at Bagni Vecchi.

In the original structure, the ground floor was connected to an adjoining building used as a thermal complex.

The pools were aligned along a corridor and each room had it’s own small pool in the classical Roman style which could be entered through a series of steps.

The Bagni Nuovi Grand hotel, was also a stopover for carriages which went from Milan to Innsbruck through the Stelvio Pass.

The prosperity of Bagni Nuovi however, faced a crisis in the period between the two World Wars. During the Second World War, the building was also used as a home by soldiers fighting along the Stelvio front. In was in this period that Vittorio Emanuele III, King of Italy stayed here on a visit to inspect the troops stationed there. At the end of the war, normal business was restored.”

Hall del Grand Hotel Bagni Nuovi di Bormio

Sale meeting

Now my pictures:


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    • Thank you so much, you’re so kind! :))) This is a place you definitely should visit in your lifetime. It is just sooooo gorgeous and beautiful and the air… Oh, I really want to go back there. :))

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