Falkensteiner Hotel Grand Spa Marienbad ****

Hotel Falkensteiner Hotel Grand Spa Marienbad ****


Reception and welcome Very nice and friendly.
Welcome drink


Yes, they gave us coupons that we could trade for drinks. Of course I traded them for sekts (it´s a sparkling wine). 🙂
Free upgrade I don´t remember.
Valet and parking Yes and yes.
Concierge Yes.


Sparkling wine I sadly don´t remember. 😦
Hot meal Yes.
In general Breakfast was good, lots of choices.

The room

In general


The room was really light and big. We travelled with my other sisters´ children and they fit to the room beautifully. We also had balconies, which were really great! I liked those I lot. Balconies connected our both rooms.
Room type Superior double rooms with balcony:


Surprise in the room I don´t remember, but what I liked was that there were these baskets that you could fill your stuff with when you go to pool area.
iPhone dock Hmm, I don´t remember, probably not.
Blanket and the blanket case Yes and yes. The bed was really comfortable!
Carped Yes.
Amenities and bathroom Yes and bathroom was big and nice.
Shower curtain? No!
Are the TV speakers in the bathroom too? I don´t remember.
Bath salt and bath Yes and I don´t remember.
Slippers and robe Yes and yes.
Free WI-FI Yes, at least I think we did.
Air conditioning Hmm, I don´t remember.

Hotel area (spa, dinner etc)

The hotel area was nice, I really liked the yard, where you could sunbathe and the pool was nice too. There are also saunas.

Food was good too, I actually really liked the hotel.

Keep in mind one thing, there are lots of elderly people, hardly any young ones, so when you want to meet someone (and you´re at the same age as me), then it´s not going to happen. 🙂

Location                     Walking distance from the center.

I visited                      In July, may-be 2010?

Would I go again?      I would.

Value of money          Hmm, it wasn´t cheap.

Purpose of the trip      Vacation.

Nights                         May-be 3 of 4 nights.


Luxury 8 out of 10.
Drive through 10 out of 10.

Webpage                     http://www.falkensteiner.com/en/hotel/marienbad

Spa area:

Hotel Grand Spa Marienbad - Tschechien

Hotel Grand Spa Marienbad - Tschechien

The only pictures I found from my computer:

Water fight!

This is what our little toy did in that trip, that sneaky, sneaky toy 😉 I discovered there pictures from my camera, when I came back from the other room:


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