Cassa Hotel 45th Street ****

Hotel Cassa Hotel 45th Street ****


Reception and welcome  Reception was quite modern and welcome was so friendly and nice! My parents had just had their 40th anniversary and the hotel sent them a puddle of wine too to the room. So nice of them. 🙂
Welcome drink No but read above!
Free upgrade Yes, we were upgraded to the executive rooms!
Valet and parking We had no car, so I don´t know.
Concierge Yes.


Sparkling wine Hmm, I think we didn´t take breakfast.
Hot meal n/a
In general n/a

The room

In general  The room was really nice, big enough; the view was as it would be in Manhattan. The room was clean too, which is really important. The bad thing was that our air conditioning wasn´t working, so the room was freezing, and no, not because it was freezing outside, but because the air conditioning was set to freeze too. But do you think we called someone to fix it? Of course not, we waited for two days till we were frozen and when we were sleeping in our coats, we finally decided that come on, what is wrong with us? We finally called someone to fix it – which was done in 15 minutes!!!
Room type Executive room:
Surprise in the room No.
iPhone dock Yes.
Blanket and the blanket case Yes and yes, the bed was really comfortable!
Carped Yes.
Amenities and bathroom Amenities were good, the shampoos and body lotions smelled like cookies, so well!!!! Bathroom was light and clean as well, big shower!
Shower curtain? No.
Are the TV speakers in the bathroom too? No.
Bath salt and bath No and no.
Slippers and robe Yes and yes.
Free WI-FI Hmm, I think the WI-FI was only in the lobby. Or may-be not.
Air conditioning Yes.

Hotel area (spa, dinner etc)

I didn´t like the corridors, otherwise it was really nice. I liked the terrace where you could sit and watch the view; also you could eat there or just get some wine. I really liked it!

Location                     Really close to the Time Square.

I visited                      January 2013.

Would I go again?      I would.

Value of money          It was OK.

Purpose of the trip      Vacation.

Nights                         3 nights.


Luxury 8 or 9 out of 10.
Drive through 10 out of 10.


Again, I am so sorry about the mess in the room! I did those pictures because I was bored while waiting for the taxi, so you can imagine that the whole mess came from packing etc. We are not that messy actually! 😀

The hotel´s pictures:


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