Jamaica, Montego Bay

Wow, Jamaica is amazing! Well, our hotel was amazing too! Luckily we got upgrades to the ocean front suites! It was so cool! The view was just unbelievable!

We stayed at Secrets St. James Montego Bay *****

The hotel is just next to the beach and all the views are just breath-taking. The restaurants were so good and the food was great. Unfortunately my sister and I never made it to breakfast but then again it was OK, because there was 24-hour complimentary room service included, so we didn’t miss anything.

Mostly what we did in Jamaica was just resting, basically because my parents had some emergency at work, so all the nights they had to be on their phones (because of the time difference) and all the days they were discussing work-related stuff and they were also tired. Luckily one day we had a change of going somewhere, we tried to visit Dunn’s River and Bob Marley’s house, but unfortunately it took so long in Dunn’s River, that we didn’t make it to visit Bob Marley. 😦

But Dunn’s River was cool, my sister and I climbed up the cliff and we survived! It was a cool adventure. We also would have liked to visit Rose Hall, but we were too scared.

Rose Hall is a Georgian mansion built in the 1770s and restored in the 1960s. It is decorated with silk wallpaper printed with palms and birds, ornamented with chandeliers, furnished with mostly European antiques, and features a downstairs bar and restaurant.

According to the legend, the spirit of “Annie Palmer” haunts the grounds of Rose Hall Plantation near Montego Bay. The story states that she was born in England to an English mother and Irish father and spent most of her life in Haiti. When her parents died of yellow fever, she was adopted by a nanny who taught her witchcraft and voodoo. She moved to Jamaica and married John Palmer, owner of Rose Hall Plantation. Annie murdered Palmer along with two subsequent husbands and numerous male plantation slaves, later being murdered herself by a slave named “Takoo”. A song about the legend called “The Ballad of Annie Palmer” was recorded by Johnny Cash.

An investigation of the legend in 2007 by Benjamin Radford concluded that the story was fictionalized, modelled on the title character in a famous Jamaican novel, The White Witch of Rosehall by Herbert G. de Lisser, published in 1929. An Annie Palmer unrelated to Rose Hall did exist, and by all accounts had no tendencies toward sadism or lechery. Rough Guide To Jamaica author Polly Thomas writes that the name of Annie Palmer may have become confused with Rosa Palmer, the original mistress of Rose Hall who did have four husbands but was said to be unwaveringly virtuous.


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