Aria, Vdara or Cosmopolitan – which hotel to choose in Las Vegas?

I´ll write to you about hotels I´ve been to in Las Vegas; CityCenter. Why? Well, I´ve always had dilemmas on which hotel should I choose there. Maybe this helps someone? 🙂

There are three hotels I´ve been to: ARIA Resort & Casino at CityCenter Las Vegas *****, Vdara Hotel & Spa at CityCenter Las Vegas ***** and The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas ***** (isn´t actually a part of CityCenter, like the other two are).


What I liked about ARIA Resort & Casino at CityCenter Las Vegas *****

The lobby

The hotel entrance is beautiful; lobby was great, lots of activity. Good casino which is located in a huge area.

Distance from the Strip

A bit too far from the Strip, lots of walking involved to get there. The good thing is that the way to the Strip is through the Crystals, which is a shopping mall, so the walk is not boring.

The staff

The staff is a bit too snobby and not really friendly.

The pool area

Well, it was okay, nothing special, pools were warm. I do have to say that I haven’t been there in summertime, so of course I’ll like the pools in those hotels better, where I’ve been in the summertime. Therefore my opinion is unbiased.


Breakfast was great, the variety was amazing. There´s everything you could want, starting with sushi, Chinese food and finishing with eggs. Also one alcoholic beverage was included in the price.

The room

It was a bit tired, we were less impressed about the room then we were about the rooms at Vdara and Cosmopolitan. Though don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the room in Aria. The bathroom I didn’t like, it was too simple for me, I expected more from that hotel.

What I liked about Vdara Hotel & Spa at CityCenter Las Vegas *****

The lobby

It doesn’t practically exist; there is only reception and a small coffee place. That’s it. May-be they’ve built something more over the years…

Distance from the Strip

The hotel is connected to Bellagio *****, but the way over there is so long, therefore the way to the Strip as well.

The staff

Usual, friendly and nice.

The pool area

Small but cosy. Pool was warm.


Didn’t take any, they might not even serve breakfast.

The room

I loved the room, we had an amazing view. The room was big, it had kitchenette, which was separated. The other room that we had, had its own kitchen: modern and nice. The bed was very comfortable; there was also a separated living room area, which was really comfortable and nice. I loved the bathroom; it sent a really modern vibe. Very cool and clean.

What I liked about The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas *****

The lobby

Lobby is really amazing, there is a huge casino, lots of bars and there is my favourite restaurant, it is called The Henry and my favourite bar, which is called The Bond Bar.

Distance from the Strip

It is exactly on the Strip, so when you get to the lobby, there is a short way to the Strip.

The staff

Quite nice and friendly, as usual (expect the last time, December 2014).

The pool area

I love the pool area there, especially in the summertime. The main pool has the view to the Strip; there are also these beds in the pool where you can enjoy yourself (for a certain fee of course). Loved it! In the wintertime the pool area is made into an ice rink. This vacation (currently on a plane to Las Vegas, the date is 28th of December 2014, the post might be coming later online) I’m on right now is the first time we witness the ice rink and we’re quite excited!!! So I’ll let you know.


Breakfast was great! The variety was amazing; you could choose anything you wanted, again sushi, Chinese, fried chicken, eggs etc. There was (2012, not in 2014 anymore) also one alcoholic beverage included in the price, so jeeey, sparkling wine included.

The room

The rooms I’ve stayed in have been really beautiful, let’s hope this time it will be as well. The rooms have been very big and comfortable, again separated living room area and the kitchenette. Bathrooms have been very big and nice. One room type even has a bath overlooking the Strip etc. Also, what gives a huge advantage for Cosmopolitan is that the hotel has balconies in most of the rooms.

So in conclusion

I actually didn’t like Aria as much I liked Vdara and Cosmopolitan. In Vdara I hated that there is no lobby area, but the room was beautiful and cool. In Cosmopolitan I’ve stayed for two times and the third time is happening soon. As I wrote before, I’m on the plane to Las Vegas and should get to Cosmopolitan in a few hours. So what I wanted to say is that you should definitely stay in Cosmopolitan if you like lots of entertainment, casinos and that it is a few steps from the Strip. If you don’t care that there is lots of walking to the Strip and to Bellagio (to which Vdara is connected to) chose Vdara or Aria. Then you have to think which is more important to you – better rooms or the lobby area with a casino and bars? When you’d better like cheaper and better room, then choose Vdara over Aria. Aria, I would not choose, I don’t know, it just didn’t leave an impression though it was a really beautiful hotel.

About the price

I think the most expensive hotel is Cosmopolitan, but totally worth it, especially because most of the rooms have balconies. Then the next is Aria, I think it’s expensive because of the lobby area and the least expensive of those three is Vdara, which has no lobby area but has really beautiful rooms. So I guess everyone has to think what he or she expects from a Las Vegas hotel.

P.S. All the hotels are situated in the CityCenter, except the Cosmopolitan, which is next to it.

CityCenter (also known as CityCenter Las Vegas) is a 16,797,000-square-foot (1,560,500 m2) mixed-use, urban complex on 76 acres (31 ha) located on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada. The project was started by MGM Resorts International; Dubai World became a joint partner during the project’s construction phase. It is the largest privately funded construction project in the history of the United States. The project is connected by a people mover system to adjacent MGM properties Monte Carlo Las Vegas and Bellagio Las Vegas.

But not everyone likes the CityCenter. There is quite an interesting and funny article about it here:

The CityCenter is just opposite to Planet Hollywood hotel, where I stayed on my very first visit to Las Vegas. It was really long time ago but I only have great words to say about the hotel and especially about the staff. We actually made it to Las Vegas from San Francisco late at night and we had been driving for so long. Of course we were so tired, but the welcome we had in Planet Hollywood was amazing, they made our day (in that case the night). They had upgraded us to their penthouse suite, actually the guy who welcomed us didn’t tell us about the huge upgrade, he saw us and how excited we were about our first time in Las Vegas, so he just told us that he had made us a little surprise. So imagine our faces when we arrived to our room!!! So thank you!! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Aria, Vdara or Cosmopolitan – which hotel to choose in Las Vegas?

  1. Thank you for this comparison! I’ve stayed at the Cosmopolitan, and I loved everything about it! Have wondered about the Aria and Vdara as they are unique in decor. Though owned by MGM International (I avoid chain resorts when possible in LV), they seem to have a different vibe.
    The categories you used are perfect. Everyone, business or pleasure, looks at room comfort, staff interaction, ease of check-in, and food.
    I found the staff at Cosmopolitan to be really exceptional. Going the extra step to make your stay memorable.
    My current go to is Wynn/Encore. Beautiful rooms, great staff, excellent food and room service. Not in the center of the strip, but once within the complex, really no desire to leave.


  2. You really helped me out a lot and this was the 3 i definitely chose as i got my list down, Now the last 2 are vdara and cosmopolitan.


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