U.S.A., Las Vegas

So, finishing up the reviews on my vacation in February 2013. 🙂

Finally, after Jamaica, we reached to our last destination, which was Las Vegas. This time our brother met us over there to spend some days with us.

We stayed at ARIA Resort & Casino at CityCenter Las Vegas *****.

Also from here you can read about the comparison of the three hotels I’ve recently stayed at in Las Vegas: ARIA Resort & Casino at CityCenter Las Vegas *****, Vdara Hotel & Spa at CityCenter Las Vegas ***** and The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas *****.

As you probably know, Las Vegas is one of my favorite cities. My first time there was I think in 2009 and ever since I’ve always wanted to go back there. Even as I write those words here, I’m on American Airlines flight from Miami to Las Vegas, the date is 28th of December 2014 (my sister’s son’s birthday is today, actually, he’s turning 20!!), but I´m afraid I´ll post that post later.

So back to the vacation that was on February 2013. Las Vegas was as good as always, we ended up doing so much over there. My brother really wanted to visit the Heart Attack Grill, yes, can you imagine? Actually it was quite a fun place, of course when you don’t count the fact that the food is incredibly unhealthy. Why my brother wanted to go there, well, he wanted to eat that burger that has 10 000 calories in it. He actually ate it, he was so dead after that, but he succeeded. Haha, he didn’t want to eat anything for a few days after that.

We also visited the Fremont Street and the zip line. I loved it so much, it was amazing and so much fun! At first I was a bit scared to take the zip line, but after we jumped off to the air and flew above the street, it was incredible! I really recommend it!

One of the things my brother also wanted to do is one of the rides on the top of Stratosphere, now that was really scary, at least for me and at least in the beginning. Okay, actually it was really fun too. What ride did we take? It was the Big Shot.

What else do I love about Las Vegas? I love the atmosphere, the feeling on the Strip and the hotels and the streets. Everyone’s having fun everywhere. To be honest, I haven’t actually partied there much; we’ve always done family stuff, like visiting hotels and the shows. This time we didn’t visit any of the shows unfortunately.  And soon the vacation was over and we had to start heading back home. 🙂


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