Hotel Slovenija ***** or Hotel Kempinski Palace Portorož *****

Hey you all, I am back with so many stories to tell. 🙂

But first of all, I’m on a holiday again. This time, again Portorož. What I wanted to tell you is when any of you are planning to come here and have no clue, which hotel to choose – Hotel Kempinski Palace Portorož ***** or Hotel Slovenija *****, then I will give you some information that would help you decide.

1. The rooms:

Well, it is quite difficult to compare, because I have not stayed in a standard room at Kempinski, but in Slovenija I have. So I can compare other things:

  • turndown service – Kempinski yes; Slovenija no
  • shower area – Kempinski has separate sower and bath; Slovenija has bath only and no holder for the shower when you wash, but I do think they will install that soon
  • cleaninless – Kempinski had became more and more not that clean over the years, signs of tiredness (the balcony was not clean); Slovenija is really clean and new, even the smell is new
  • beds – Kempinski has really big (even the twin beds) beds and very comfortable; Slovenija has really narrow beds, otherwise comfortable
  • the feeling – Kempinski had good vibe, Slovenija is just so new and you feel like you can walk without slippers on the carpet and also in the balcony, very nice

Slovenija pictures:

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of Kempinski, because at that time I did not know, that I was going to write that blog. 😦

2. Breakfast:

I must say that Kempinski is a total winner here. It is just so much more luxury, the breakfast rooms inside and outside. The service is great, the cutlery, the choices, everything. This is why I’m always waiting to go to that hotel. 🙂

Slovenija has still so many improvements to do. The staff is really nice and you can see that they are trying. The varierty of food is not that good, you only have certain things.


Kempinski (breakfast area in the outside was the terrace on the ground floor):

3. The pool area and sundeck:

The winner is Slovenija. Just because there are so many places to go to swim and sunbathe. But I would choose Kempinski as a winner too, because it actually has an area meant for the hotel guests only.

In Kempinski the service at the pool area was not that good, they were a bit snobby etc. In Slovenija they are trying and very nice.

Slovenija has the possibility to visit all the pools and terraces that the Lifeclass chain has, thus you can go to many hotels’ areas. They are all next to each other, so you feel like the hotel area is soooo wide, WIFI is in the entire area as well. The bad side is that there is no separate pool area for the hotel, you have to use other hotel’s areas for sunbathing, this also means that no 5* service at the pool. Then again, the staff is so great, only good words, very attentive and nice. The plus side is that there is a wide variety of pools, so many in inside and one on the outside as well.

I loved that Slovenija has the possibility to go to the Meduza ***** beach area. When I was in Kempinski, there was no such possibility. The area was nice at Meduza *****, the view etc.

I did like that in Kempinski you could swim inside and also you could use all the saunas and the spa small pool as well next to the saunas, these were nice.



4. Dinner:

Definite winner is Slovenija. The restaurant was so beautiful, I mean the tables and the cutlery, the service etc. You could see that they try a lot to make it a great restaurant, the waiters had whote gloves etc. But, the restaurant itself could have been more luxury, the area where the food was could be separated from the tables even with some kind of temporary wall or postaments etc. Also it could use some plants and some small details that could make it more luxury. I stress again, tables and cutlery, perfect! And of course the service, just amazing, very, very attentive and great!

Kempinski restaurant that was open every evening was a bit boring, too expensive and not 5* tables and chairs.

If I had to choose I would take Kempinski’s breakfast and Slovenija’s dinner and put them in one hotel. 🙂



Kempinski (when you look closely, then in the second floor balcony, there are the tables from the restaurant that served dinner):


5. Service:

Well, let’s just say that it depends on people, who currently work there, but I do have to stress that the staff in Slovenija tries more than the staff in Kempinski. But the people are very, very nice. 🙂

6. The building:

I think we don’t even have to guess, who is the winner, just look at Kempinski’s building, breath-taking!


So, if you have any more questions, let me know, I am happy to answer. Since right now, when writing this post, I am staying at Slovenija, so I might add some things in the following days. 🙂

Let me know if that helped you decide or is there something you would have expected to get to know more!?!? 🙂

For me, so far, the next time I don’t know which hotel to choose, I think I’d choose Slovenija, but it would be a tough choice. To help you decide: choose Slovenija when you like great rooms and the possibility to wark around in differents areas to swim and sunbathe and when you are not that keen on specific luxury and one-to-one service; choose Kempinski when you want to feel excluded and have this 5-star service all the way and also when you like great rooms. Both hotels are great! 🙂




2 thoughts on “Hotel Slovenija ***** or Hotel Kempinski Palace Portorož *****

  1. I am so excited you are back. I have missed you and your blog. I am looking forward to all of your adventures. Lovely post.
    xx CC


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