Hotel Slovenija *****

We had tough time in choosing the hotel this year. We have always stayed at Hotel Kempinski Palace Portorož ***** but this year we decided differently. So here’s the story about the hotel (below) and here’s the dilemma, which hotel to choose: Hotel Slovenija ***** or Hotel Kempinski Palace Portorož *****.


Reception and welcome:    Welcome is very nice and friendly. Reception is beautiful and new as well.
Welcome drink:    The coupons for welcome drinks were given and promised when booked. The thing is that it was available from 16-18, luckily the barlady was kind enough to give them to us at 15, when we checked in.
Free upgrade:    No, I asked, but hotel was fully booked (which actually was too, unlike some other hotels that use this as an excuse).
Valet and parking:    Yes and yes. Parking was arranged very fast. Parking was 15 euros per day in a garage, otherwise it would have been free.
Concierge:    Yes.


Sparkling wine:    Yes, but the bottle was always empty! BUT when we asked the sparkiling wine at the table, the waiters always found their way to get us some sparkling wine. 🙂
Hot meal:    Yes.
In general:    The choices are not that wide, I cannot actually say, what it is that is missing, but it was not what I expected. No onions at the omlette tables too :(.

The room

In general:   The room is sooooooo small, but then again, we did book standard rooms, I guess other rooms are bigger. I do love the view, really beautiful sea view. The rooms are new, they were renovated a few weeks ago, so everything smells new. I like the style as well. I like that the bathroom is higher than the rest of the room. I like that the carped is soooooo clean.
Room type:    Standard room, double room with two beds and sea side view –
Surprise in the room:    Nope.
iPhone dock:    No.
Blanket and the blanket case:    Yes and yes. But the bed is soooooooooo narrow, not that comfortable!
Carped:    Yes, fully carpeted.
Amenities and bathroom:    Good. Bathroom was really nice and big, although, no place to hang the shower, you have to hold it when you shower, whaaat???
Shower curtain?    No. But no glass that would hold the water into the bath as well. No separate space for shower.
Are the TV speakers in the bathroom too?    No.
Bath salt and bath:    No and yes.
Slippers and robe:    Yes and yes.
Free WI-FI:    Yes.
Air conditioning:    Yes.

Hotel area (spa, dinner etc)

There is no pool area for the hotel. There is an area at the hotels next to Hotel Slovenija, these are Hotel Riviera **** pool area and Grand Hotel Portorož ***** pool area. Riviera pool area is closer to Hotel Slovenija, on the ground floor you have the exit, but the pool area is not 5*, it is 4*, luckily you can have towels there for free and the umbrella as well, you also have a bar there, you can order champagne from. The bartenders were soooooo kind and nice, the service is a bit slow but so kind. I liked that there are so many pools, one outside and many in the inside. But on Tuesdays the pool area opens at 14.

Grand Hotel Portorož pool area outside is far, far, at the Terme and there is a guy who goes around that asks whether you want to drink or eat something, but there are no alcoholic beverages (no champagne, whaaaat?). Also the area was not like in the pictures, it was quite dated.

The pools at the Terme were great, so many of them and the water was warm and nice. These are actually new pools. Loved it, but a bit far from the hotel, in my opinion is not that far when you go in the street to the Grand Hotel Portorož, inside there and then to the Terme. But actually I think that it is great that you have the opportunity to go to different areas inside the hotel, it reminds me  of Las Vegas, where all the hotels are connected.

What I did love the most, is that we had the opportunity to walk around in every hotel that belongs to the Lifeclass chain, we had the opportunity to use all the benefits at every hotel, especially I loved that we had access to the Terme, which was quite cool – so many pools.

I do enjoy the beach area, although I don’t see the guy with the fridge and the towel, that was on the picture, that is presented every booking station about the hotel. But there is a nice area Meduza ***** area, where we can sunbathe etc. But no bartender that goes around and offers drinks. 😦 BUT the bartenders at the bar were so nice and sweet.

Dinner: It was really nice, included in the price. The tables were very luxury and beatifully set. It was a buffet, the variety of the food was not that wide again, but the food that is there, is quite good, I must say that it improves every day. The staff is very attentive, our waiter was Marko and he was really, really nice and always checked whether everything is great. Offered one of the best service ever, he was modest and also very, very attentive. There are two girls as well – one blonde and one brunette, who were very nice and sweet.

Location:                     Excellent, the hotel is right in the centre and there is a promenade right when you go out the hotel.

I visited:                      June-July 2016.

Would I go again?      Probably yes, after spending more days here I realize the opportunities here to go to different venues is great. Next time we come to Portorož, we stay there.

Value of money:          Good, half-board included, the same price as Kempinski with just BB.

Purpose of the trip:      Vacation.

Nights:                         6 nights.


Luxury:    8 out of 10. It would be better if there were areas with pools for that hotel only, also there are so many details that need to improve, but I do say that they are on their way to being really great!
Drive through:    10 out of 10. Amazing!!!!


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