So we continued our roadtrip, we were heading to Zagreb, where we had booked the hotel. But before we wanted to have lunch in Opatija, which is a really beautiful city in Croatia. The architecture in the city is just overwhelming, amazing. There we have actually stayed too for a week, but it was like ten years ago I think. The hotel was Ambasador ***** (http://www.remisens.com/en/hotel-ambasador). Then it was quite nice but now I would not go there. Although from the pictures it can be seen that is has been renovated, but when we visited the hotel, just to see what it looks like now, it just looked really dated. So your choice. In addition, it is a bit far from the centre.

The hotel I would like to stay the next time is called Remisens Hotel Palace Bellevue **** (http://www.remisens.com/en/hotel-palace-bellevue), it looks so beautiful and is renovated in 2016. We saw it from far, but I guess I’d stay there the next time.

In Opatija we just had lunch at a restaurant by the sea. It was so hot that day, so it was nice to enjoy a glass of champagne there. The restaurant was called Vongola. The fish was quite good there too.

This is the information about Opatija. 🙂


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