Warsaw Plaza Hotel ****

So it was finally time to go home and the last stop we made was again in Warsaw. This time we chose:

Hotel Warsaw Plaza Hotel ****


Reception and welcome:    The reception was nice, welcome was friendly too.
Welcome drink:    No.
Free upgrade:    No, I asked too.
Valet and parking:    No, there was parking for free though.
Concierge:    No.


Sparkling wine:    No.
Hot meal:    Yes, it was quite usual.
In general:    Breakfast was nice in general.

The room

In general:   The rooms were new and nice, but the beds were soooooo narrow, I almost fell off the bed, while sleeping.
Room type:    Standard room – http://www.warsawplazahotel.pl/en/room/standard-all-16003.
Surprise in the room:    There was complimentary water.
iPhone dock:    I didn’t see one, there might have been though.
Blanket and the blanket case:    Yes and yes.
Carped:    Yes, fully carpeted.
Amenities and bathroom:   There were and bathroom was light and clean.
Shower curtain?    Nice walk-in shower.
Are the TV speakers in the bathroom too?    No.
Bath salt and bath:    No and no.
Slippers and robe:    I think no and no, not 100% sure though.
Free WI-FI:    Yes.
Air conditioning:    Yes.
Afternoon service: No.

Hotel area (spa, dinner etc)

It is an airport hotel, so there might be some noise, though I didn’t hear any. 🙂

Location:                    Airport hotel.

I visited:                      July 2016.

Would I go again?      Not sure, it was such a regular hotel, so I’d not go there just because of the hotel, but if the price is good, then why not.

Value of money:          It was a bit pricy for that hotel, though the reason might be as well that there were so many events in Warsaw at that time we were there.

Purpose of the trip:      Vacation.

Nights:                         1 night.


Luxury:    6 out of 10.
Drive through:    8 out of 10. There was nothing wrong with it.
Webpage:                   http://www.warsawplazahotel.pl/en/hotel-page-67455

Standard room:


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