Pullman Riga Old Town *****

Hotel Pullman Riga Old Town *****


Reception and welcome:    The reception was very modern and cool, welcome was friendly too.
Welcome drink:    No.
Free upgrade:    No, I asked too.
Valet and parking:    No and no, actually it was quite annoying, there was not possible to park outside the hotel to even take our bags out, without the police coming to tell us to leave. Moreover, we had to park some public parking that was I think 15 EUR per day. The concierge was quite nice and understanding, really helped us a lot. We did tell the manager about the problem later, when she asked, so she told that they’re fixing it and trying to find a solution, I hope they have, because this was not really a 5-star hotel in this sense.
Concierge:    Yes and the boys were really nice, polite and very, very helpful.


Sparkling wine:    Well, later the manager told that it was on request, so we should have ordered it, but there was literally no sign that it was included.
Hot meal:    Yes, it was quite usual and there was variety too.
In general:    Breakfast was good and nice.

The room

In general:   The rooms were very new and modern, big too. I din’t like that there was no carpet. But everything else I liked, it was not that comfortable and homy, but it was very nice. Rooms service was professional too.
Room type:    Premium Superior – http://pullmanriga.lv/rooms-and-suites/.
Surprise in the room:    No.
iPhone dock:    I think there was, the room was quite modern.
Blanket and the blanket case:    Yes and yes.
Carped:    Unfortunately no.
Amenities and bathroom:   There were and bathroom was light, big and clean.
Shower curtain?    Nice walk-in shower.
Are the TV speakers in the bathroom too?    No.
Bath salt and bath:    No and no.
Slippers and robe:    I think there were, but I think we had to order them to the room, or I might be wrong as well.
Free WI-FI:    Yes.
Air conditioning:    Yes.
Afternoon service: Don’t know, because we arrived so late.

Hotel area (spa, dinner etc)

Very nice Old Town hotel, there was a nice terrace in the upper floor, which was nice. There was also spa area, which was not big, but quite modern and cool.

Location:                    Old town hotel.

I visited:                      August 2016.

Would I go again?      I think I would.

Value of money:          Good value.

Purpose of the trip:      Vacation.

Nights:                         1 night.


Luxury:    8 out of 10.
Drive through:    9 out of 10. If they’d have parking and valet, it would be 10.
Webpage:                   http://pullmanriga.lv/pullman/

Premium Superior:

The terrace and the spa area:


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