Riga – Jurmala

Hey, hey! So for a change I’ll write about a weekend trip, which was to Riga, Latvia.

We spent a certain someone’s birthday there. 🙂

We stayed at Pullman Riga Old Town *****

So what to see in Riga and where to go to?

Of course you should see Latvian National Museum of Art – http://www.lnmm.lv/lv/lnmm, it is newly renovated and was supposed to be amazing, unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to go there, but I’ve only heard good about it. It is very close to the Old Town.

Where should you go to eat? Well I have some really good choices for you:

Koya – http://www.koyarestaurant.com/en/ – I love this restaurant, it is just by the river, 10 minutes by foot from Pullman hotel and by taxi it is like 5 minutes maximum. In the summertime it is so relaxing to dine outside, very beautiful! The food is even better, totally recommend beef tartare, delicious! Next to it there is this nightclub called First Dacha and very nice restaurant called Aqua Luna, which turns into nightclub later in the evening.



Aqua Luna – http://www.aqualuna.lv/en/ – this is the restaurant that turns into a club after, you can actually see that from the picture above, the purple place in the back there. Definitely you should have dinner there, when you have lots of people, who want to have a party afterwards. 🙂

Riviera – http://rivierarestorans.lv – this one is in the Old Town and it is very, very nice, the food is great there, especially risotto de la mer! It is like a Mediterranean restaurant.

Want to go out? Well, there is this place I talked about before – Aqua Luna, which is more for older people like me, starting from 25 in my opinion. But there is another place too called First Dacha – http://firstdacha.com, this is amazing place when you’re younger, I used to like it a lot, especially in the summer time. It is again in the beach and there are many dance floors you could party at, including in the beach. Now, it is full of younger people, in my opinion. Since they’re just next to each other and the entrance is free to both, then you can see both of them, if you’re curious. 🙂

But what to do the next day? Of course, visit Jurmala!

Jūrmala is a city in Latvia, about 25 kilometres (16 miles) west of Riga. Jūrmala is a resort town stretching 32 km (20 miles) and sandwiched between the Gulf of Riga and the Lielupe River. It has a 33 km (21 miles) stretch of white-sand beach, and a population of 55,580, making it the fifth largest city in Latvia.

While Latvia was part of the Soviet Union, Jūrmala was a favorite holiday-resort and tourist destination for high-level Communist Party officials, particularly Leonid Brezhnev and Nikita Khrushchev. Although it has many amenities such as beach-houses and concrete hotels remain, some have fallen into disrepair. Jūrmala remains a tourist attraction with long beaches facing the Gulf of Riga and romantic wooden houses in the Art Nouveau style.

It’s a quite cool place to go for lunch or dinner after coming from Riga. There are lots of restaurants and you can walk by the beach as well, very nice during summer. Keep in mind that when you go by car, you have to pay the entrance ticket to Jurmala, this is like a few hundred meters before the town. You need to know that, because there is no checkpoint in this sense, there are signs there though. It is about 2 euros, but when you don’t have the entrance ticket, then the fine was supposed to be quite high!

Where to eat in Jurmala? Well, I’ve always loved this place called 36. Line Restaurant – http://36line.com/edienkarte/, it is a bit far from Jurmala center, we always take a taxi or go by car. But it is by the beach and it is very beautiful. Though the last time the food was not that good there, overpriced. But there were so many people, there you definitely have to get a reservation, otherwise, it would be difficult to get a table. 🙂


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