Macklemore and Munich!

One evening we were thinking where to spend my birthday this year… 🙂

So it all began when we were drinking champagne with my sister. It was before I was supposed to go to my skiing trip. The thing is that our all time favorite singer is Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. So of course we tried to see the concert whenever we could. Last time I almost saw them in Las Vegas at the New Year’s Eve, but my flight went early in the morning so timing was way off. So I was meaning to go to see it in Zurich (because I was in Zurich at the same day the concert was), until we talked about it with my sister. So of course after a few glasses of champagne we decided that we have to see Macklemore together, we searched for tour dates and we found out that they were giving a concert on the 7th of April, and the concert was supposed to end after midnight, which was perfect, because my birthday is on the 8th! All set, we bought the tickets and now we had to book the flight and hotels (we wanted to go to Stuttgart as well).

So we stayed in Munich that night, in Sofitel Munich Bayerpost *****


The concert was amazing! The flight left from our country at 5 AM, so we got to Munich at 9 AM!!! Which was sooooo early, luckily we went to spa and had dinner. Finally it was time for the concert, it started at 21. It was the best concert I’ve ever been to and at midnight there was just our song playing, I could never wish for a better birthday than this was! Of course there was some partying after the concert too, but this will be a secret. 🙂

I’ll let you enjoy some videos! 🙂


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