Paris and Maison Albar Hotel Paris Champs-Elysees *****

Paris, Paris, Paris, my favourite city in the world. 🙂

I go there quite often, so I don’t really know what to talk about it. I have probably seen most of the sightseeings, so I would recommend all of them. And Wikipedia says this about Paris:

Paris is the capital and the most populous city of France. It has an area of 105 square kilometres (41 square miles) and a population in 2013 of 2,229,621 within the city limits. Paris is both a commune and department, and forms the centre and headquarters of the Île-de-France, or Paris Region, which has an area of 12,012 square kilometres (4,638 square miles) and a population in 2014 of 12,005,077, comprising 18.2 percent of the population of France.

So if you have any questions about something, just let me know. 🙂

Hotel Maison Albar Hotel Paris Champs-Elysees ***** (Former name: Hotel Mac Mahon *****)


Reception and welcome:    The reception was nice and the welcome was friendly.
Welcome drink:    No.
Free upgrade:    No and I asked (thought there was this one time they did offer an upgrade to Executive rooms and these were really nice rooms).
Valet and parking:    No, when we were there by car, we had to park our car ourselves to a public parking garage.
Concierge:    Yes.


Sparkling wine:    No.
Hot meal:   There might have been.
In general:    Breakfast was very light and OK, typical French breakfast, but not 5-star hotel breakfast. But they have changed their name, may-be the breakfast policy has changed too.

The room

In general:   The rooms were really cool, luxury and modern. I liked that they were soundproof as well. Rooms are a bit too small, except Executive rooms. In addition, Executive rooms have this really nice view to the Arc de Triomphe and great balconies. BUT be aware, the Superior rooms had really bad views, no light came from the windows and the view was to the courtyard. Really not nice.
Room type:    Superior room and Executive room –
Surprise in the room:    No.
iPhone dock:    I don’t think there was, not sure too.
Blanket and the blanket case:    Yes and yes.
Carped:    Yes.
Amenities and bathroom:   There were and bathroom was nice, dark and clean. Gave this luxury vibe.
Shower curtain?    No, very nice walk-in shower.
Are the TV speakers in the bathroom too?    No.
Bath salt and bath:    No and no.
Slippers and robe:   Yes and yes.
Free WI-FI:    Yes.
Air conditioning:    Yes.
Afternoon service: Yes.

Hotel area (spa, dinner etc)

Hotel is a bit small, but in a beautiful building and really close to the Arc de Triomphe.

Location:                    Nice location, near the metro and a few steps from Arc de Triomphe.

I visited:                      August 2015.

Would I go again?      I think I would, but then I’d definitely take the Executive room.

Value of money:          A bit pricy.

Purpose of the trip:      Vacation.

Nights:                         3 nights.


Luxury:    9 out of 10.
Drive through:    10 out of 10.

 Superior room in August 2016:

Executive room in 2012 (the only pictures I have unfortunately):


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