Splendid Conference & Spa Resort *****

Hotel Splendid Conference & Spa Resort *****



Reception and welcome:    Reception was friendly, polite, nothing bad to say.

Welcome drink:    Oh no.

Free upgrade:    No, asked, but fully booked.

Valet and parking:    Yes and yes.

Concierge:    Yes.



Sparkling wine:    Nope.

Hot meal:   Yes.

In general:    Variety of the food is good, but the place reminded me of Turkish 3-star hotel buffet. You can see that they tried, some staff was very arrogant and some was very friendly and amazing. I did not like that cappuccino was for extra fee and a small bottle of sparkling wine was 12 euros.


The room

In general:   The room was better than I expected, but nothing special. Big and we had a great view. Also clean.

Room type:    Superior room – http://www.montenegrostars.com/index.php/rooms-suites/superior-rooms.

Surprise in the room:    Red wine and fruit plate + one free massage, you could choose whether neck and back; foot massage or facial. We took foot, facial and neck and back (there were five of us), very nice massages!

iPhone dock:    Nope.

Blanket and the blanket case:    Yes and yes.

Carped:    Yes.

Amenities and bathroom:   Very nice, had everything we needed.

Shower curtain?    There was a bath and a walk-in shower, very nice bathroom.

Are the TV speakers in the bathroom too?    Yes.

Bath salt and bath:    No and yes.

Slippers and robe:   Yes and yes.

Free WI-FI:    Yes.

Air conditioning:    Yes.

Afternoon service: Yes, sometimes, but very friendly, when we were in the room, they asked whether we needed towels and got us candies.


Hotel area (spa, dinner etc)

Pool area – very nice, warm water, good service.

Beach area – the same, very nice, no sand in the beach, stones only, wasn’t that bad, big waves, but beautiful!

Spa – very beautiful and good massages.

Buffet dinner – very expensive, but nothing special. You can go somewhere else with better price. I especially recommend a restaurant called Restaurant Blanche Pržno! We actually learned about this place from a taxi driver, he was so cool and polite!

The restaurant itselt? I think I have never had that good food! Especially I recommend the meat with truffles – amazing! My brother who is very picky, said that he has never had that good food in his life!! Try it out! 🙂

What I did not like – you had to pay for every move, even when you order ice to the room, which is free in EVERY 5-star hotel, you had to pay 5 euros. Everything costs there, what you should expect for free in a typical 5-star hotel.

As well, there were lots of signs saying that the food nor drinks that were bought from outside of the hotel, were not allowed and they are VERY strict about it, we were walking around in Budva, we bought some souvenirs in a plastic bag and we walked back to the hotel, we were searched that we did not take any food or drinks to the hotel. This was weird.

What I loved – the people, but I guess people in Montenegro are special and very, very friendly!:)


Location:   Too far from Budva, there is a small shop about 500 meters to the left of the hotel. Taxi ride to Budva or Sveti Stefan was about 6 euros. Very good.

I visited:                      June 2017.

Would I go again?      Not that sure about it.

Value of money:          Very good.

Purpose of the trip:      Vacation.

Nights:                         4 nights.



Luxury:    6 out of 10.

Drive through:    8 out of 10.

Webpage:         http://www.montenegrostars.com/index.php/home-splendid


Superior room:



Hotel area:



Near the hotel there is an amazing restaurant called Restaurant Blanche Pržno



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