From Bar to Bari – ferry Dubrovnik

After Montenegro, Budva, we took a ferry to Bari, Italy. We heard so much bad about the ferry and I must say, it is not that bad, okay, it is not luxury, but it is not that bad as I have read from different sites. Although you never know, maybe we were just lucky. 🙂

The people there are just amazing, I have never seen so friendly people who work at the border, not to mention the people who work in the ferry, THE FRIENDLIEST PEOPLE EVER! Their sincerity and their love of life is so contagious, that it is crazy!

About the ferry itself…. Well, it is dated, a lot, but it was clean when we were there. I was especially afraid of the cabin, but it was okay. There were shower curtains! 😦 The cabin was small, but it is a ferry. Also in the cabin there were soaps and towels included too.

Taking a ferry from Bar to Bari lasted for 8 hours!! And there is no WIFI on board. 🙂 🙂

Then again it gave us a lot of time to catch up with our reading and also we talked a lot. So it was quite nice. I especially liked sitting outside, there was so sunny and warm.

So yes, I would recommend it, when you want to get to Italy quickly from Montenegro.

How much it cost? We took a cabin with a bathroom for four people and we also had a jeep and it was about 470 euros.

We booked our tickets from here –



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