Hotel Ril ****S

Hotel Hotel Ril ****S


Reception and welcome:    Reception was very cozy and beautiful and welcome was very friendly!

Welcome drink:    Nope.

Free upgrade:    Yes, they gave us great views and they upgraded one room.

Valet and parking:    Yes and yes.

Concierge:    Yes.


Sparkling wine:    Nope.

Hot meal:   Yes.

In general:    Breakfast was too simple, but nice.

The room

In general:   The rooms were very clean and modern, but simple. I liked the rooms very much. And the balconies were so big, great! In one room, there was this interesting closet(??) which was totally empty.

Room type:    Classic room –

Surprise in the room:    No surprises.

iPhone dock:    Nope.

Blanket and the blanket case:    Yes and yes.

Carped:    No.

Amenities and bathroom:   Had everything we needed.

Shower curtain?    No.

Are the TV speakers in the bathroom too?    No.

Bath salt and bath:    No and no.

Slippers and robe:  I don´t think there were.

Free WI-FI:    Yes.

Air conditioning:    Yes.

Afternoon service: No.

Hotel area (spa, dinner etc)

Pool area – very nice, good service and clean.

Beach area – very good access to public beach!

Dinner – absolutely great, I definitely recommend to have dinner there. It is a la carte and the service and food is amazing.  We had seats outside with the view to the pool area and to the beach, so it was beautiful.

Location:   Right in the center, very good location to the beach and to the shops and pubs and restaurants as well.

I visited:                      July 2017.

Would I go again?      I definitely would.

Value of money:          Good.

Purpose of the trip:      Vacation.

Nights:                         1 night.


Luxury:    7 out of 10.

Drive through:    8 out of 10.



Dinner and hotel:

Upgraded room:

Classic room:

Pool area and rooftop sauna:


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