Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi *****(**)

Hotel Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi *****(**)

Firstly, the hotel is just breathtaking, I loved everything about it, I would recommend it to everyone, I have actually been successful, because my parents are going there in a few weeks. I think they will be more than satisfied with the hotel and the service there. 🙂

Did you also know, that this hotel is a 7-star hotel? 😉



Reception and welcome:    Reception is just so beautiful, huge and amazing, there are people who are welcoming you at the door, take you to the lounge in front of the reception, give you a seat and then check you in, in the meantime you just sit there, your are given flowers to welcome you, in addition to the different teas, coffee and snacks. We felt like VIPs.

Welcome drink:    Oh yes, different teas, coffee, water and snacks.

Free upgrade:    No, I didn´t have the opportunity to ask.

Valet and parking:    Yes and yes, but we had a transfer booked from the airport to the hotel and back. When we checked out, we were taken to a private area, where our car picked us up, the organization was amazing. In addition we were given flowers when we left our hotel as well.

Concierge:    Yes.



Sparkling wine:    Nope, but it is an Arabic country, so of course there isn´t sparkling wine there.

Hot meal:   Yes.

In general:    Breakfast was amazing, the service was very professional, the food was great. I loved to sit outside while having breakfast, it was just beautiful area with an amazing view!


The room

In general:   Wow, the room was amazing, it was big and very clean, correct, beautiful, luxury. Besides the surprises described below, there were also different eye and lip creams next to our bed before every afternoon service. Actually, every time we came back to our room, there were some surprises in the room. Loved it!

Room type:    Diamond room – https://www.kempinski.com/en/abudhabi/emirates-palace/rooms-and-suites/

Surprise in the room:    Oh yes, we had surprises every day! When we first came, our butler (yes, we had our own butler!) asked what we would like to drink, so he brought us fresh orange juices, and at the room there were already complimentary fruit plate and lots of chocolates, not to mention lots and lots of water. The mini bar was complimentary as well, which included different soft drinks and I think some snack too.

iPhone dock:    You could connect everything to the TV, so many things one could do there.

Blanket and the blanket case:    Yes and yes.

Carped:    Yes.

Amenities and bathroom:   Great amenities, there was everything there.

Shower curtain?    The bathroom was amazing, big and there was separate bath and shower-room.

Are the TV speakers in the bathroom too?    Yes.

Bath salt and bath:    Yes and yes.

Slippers and robe:   Yes and yes.

Free WI-FI:    Yes.

Air conditioning:    Yes.

Afternoon service: Yes, they also gave chocolates to us besides everything else described. They cleaned the room too during the afternoon service. Very nice.


Hotel area (spa, dinner etc)

When you drive through the gates of the Emirates Palace, you will just be in awe, it is gorgeous! When you arrive to the hotel, you have been truly entered a palace, there is gold everywhere, it is good that you have people there, who are the ones, who are going to check you in, because otherwise, you would just get lost there. They treat you there with great respect and they see that all your wishes would be fulfilled.

Even the hallways to the rooms are amazing, there are actual palm trees there!!! Unbelievable.

Pool area – Beautiful, with great views. There are two pool areas, one is in one end of the hotel (more for children with water slides etc.) and the other one is in the other end (for everyone). Water is warm in all the pools and there are people always watching after you, they make your sunbeds and always get you complimentary water, fruits and even ice-cream.

How to get around? In the hotel, there is a little shuttle, that takes you from one side of the hotel to another… why you ask… well, the hotel is just that big! 🙂

Beach area – it is very big and amazingly clean. The views again – breathtaking!

Dinner? Well, we had half-board package and every night we had a choice whether we´d go to buffet, seafood restaurant, Italian restaurant or Arabic restaurant. The service and food – again, amazing!

Buffet dinner – I think I liked this the best, because the choice was great, I especially enjoyed the sushi, it was delicious!

Did you know that Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi is also a sightseeing in Abu Dhabi? Yes, it was actually originally built as a royal palace to host visiting Heads of State, but the leaders of the UAE thought it was too beautiful not to be shared and opened it up to public.

There is also a nice article about the hotel here – http://www.news.com.au/travel/world-travel/middle-east/how-you-can-stay-in-abu-dhabis-most-luxurious-hotel/news-story/f894efff7c39f4a12612ad0ed9544bea


Location:   Great location, you could walk around there a lot and nice views.

I visited:                      March 2017.

Would I go again?      Definitely.

Value of money:          It is a bit expensive.

Purpose of the trip:      Vacation.

Nights:                         7 nights.


Luxury:    10 out of 10.

Drive through:    10 out of 10.

Webpage:        https://www.kempinski.com/en/abudhabi/emirates-palace/


Diamond room:


Hotel area:


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