Rannahotell **** / Beach Hotel in Pärnu ****

Hotel Rannahotell **** / Beach Hotel in Pärnu ****



Reception and welcome:    Reception is nice and welcome was really friendly! We booked the room for the Weekend Festival, where all the hotels in Pärnu are totally fully booked, so you can imagine our surprise, when we discovered that they had us put into junior suite!!! It was pretty cool!

Welcome drink:    There was water.

Free upgrade:    Yes, did not ask, but they had decided to do the upgrade before we arrived there. 🙂

Valet and parking:    No and yes (parking is complimentary).

Concierge:    No.



Sparkling wine:    Yes.

Hot meal:   Yes.

In general:    Very nice dining area and very good food as well.


The room

In general:   Our room was really beautiful! We had a living room with a sofa-bed, bedroom and two bathrooms (one was with shower). Room itself is very new and clean, there was this nice Mediterranean style. We also had a huge balcony with an amazing sea view. We could go to the balcony from both rooms as well.

Room type:    Junior suite – http://www.rannahotell.ee/en/toad/

Surprise in the room:    There was water.

iPhone dock:    There were lots of USB ports, so we could charge our phones through that, which was nice.

Blanket and the blanket case:    Yes and yes.

Carped:    No.

Amenities and bathroom:   Very stylish bathroom and it had amenities that we needed.

Shower curtain?    Very nice walk-in shower.

Are the TV speakers in the bathroom too?    No.

Bath salt and bath:    No and no.

Slippers and robe:   Yes and yes.

Free WI-FI:    Yes.

Air conditioning:    Yes.

Afternoon service:  No.


Hotel area (spa, dinner etc)

Pool area – the hotel has no pool, but it has a spa, where I haven´t been to.

Beach area – There is no private beach area there, but the hotel is at the beach.

We have not visited any restaurants there, but I have heard that the food is great.

I know that the hotel is recently renovated and one can truly say that, I loved it a lot, usually when I go to Pärnu, I have always stayed at the Hedon Spa & Hotel**** or , then now I must say, that I liked this one better, although it does not have a pool. So when having a pool is important to you, then choose the two hotels, I referred before, but when pool is not important to you, then definitely Rannahotell ****, I really loved it!

Location:   Right at the beach and near the great pizza place called Steffani (this is the place you definitely have to have pizza, when in Pärnu!), also there is children´s park near the hotel and it is about 5 minutes to the Old Town by foot.


I visited:                      August 2017.

Would I go again?      Definitely.

Value of money:          Good.

Purpose of the trip:      Weekend Festival.

Nights:                         1 night.



Luxury:    8 out of 10.

Drive through:    10 out of 10.

Webpage:        http://www.rannahotell.ee/en/



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